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What did you want to be when you grew up? and did your dream come true?

Asked by Grim (384points) June 2nd, 2008

I never really had an ideal “dream job” when I was young and I still have trouble finding something realisticly suitable… :[

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In progress!

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I wanted to be a movie star, hair-dresser or join the navy…......these days I’d rather be a pirate :)

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I wanted to be a doctor and like wizard said…in progress!

omg the “111” scores are following me! and wildflower!

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I wanted to be a Disney animator. I got accpted into their internship program and balked at moving to southern CA. And felt this amazing relief. I wasn’t expecting that. it was like knowing I was good enough was good enough.

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i see you

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Bri, you know I won’t give you any GA’s (no matter how great they may be) until tomorrow – it’s just too cool :)

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hehe thanks

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LOL! “I see you” that’s gotta be the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!!!

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I wanted to get a good liberal arts education, grow up and see what fate threw in my path. I’ve had three related careers that were fun, useful, educational and now over. Love being retired.

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I wanted to be all sorts of things. I wanted to be a marine biologist, a lawyer, a doctor, a housewife, and a veterinarian among many others. Now I’m a Marketing and Innovation Leader and I love it!

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I love most things involving art, find I’m good at advertising and have a fondness for “urban” fashion design. I cant realistically see myself getting into any of these carreers succesfully… Anybody else have this problem? or just good stories all around? :[

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I want to go and work in the nuclear industry and I’m heading towards uni at a fast pace, just one more year now heh. I’m planning on studying engineering at uni and then taking it from there :)

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I wanted to be a professional fine artist and yes- I have achieved my dream above and beyond what I had hoped for.

Now I am expanding on that dream- we always need to have a dream to guide us.

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i wanted to become an animal vet with a helicopter in africa, now im an apple tech, makes me happy too

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I can see how flying sick elephants around Africa is similar to troubleshooting a MacBook Air…..... o.O

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@ iwamoto – you should be an apple tech with a helecoptor. that would be so cool!

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Bri!! someone ruined it!! Oh well, it was pretty cool while it lasted (I remember signing in one morning with 666 lurve points, that was kinda cool)

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oh, one of two anyways, i think it would rock clients worlds if i came over by helicopter :D

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wild – it was an honor to have held the post.

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A soda jerk or a brain surgeon. (Oops, getting mixed up with Jethro Bodine).

Seriously, my first job fulfilled the soda jerk part, but it was in a convalescent hospital and it was a new concept for the time.

Most of the patients had grown up in the 1890’s, so they made a parlor like that and it was for staff, patients, and families and although I only got $1.60 an hour, it was fun, especially working with the patients. The nurses would watch what kind of crowd I had and, when it was slow, bring in the patients that needed help, one at at time. I was really fun making whatever they wanted and then helping them eat it and getting to know them.

We had one lady that thought she was on a cruise, because that had been the happiest part of her life. Luckily, I lived in a town with a lot of fog, so we were able to use that as a way to keep her from wandering ashore. Because of her, I tried cruising and absolutely love it and have seen a great deal of the world that way.

I wanted to be a mom from the get go, because my mom was such a great one. I also was fascinated with cameras and got to do that professionally for a while. The best part was finding out that my grandfather was a photographer at the turn of the last century and finding out we had a collection of antique photos in the family.

I also wanted to be a teacher, but the biggest satisfaction in learning how to do that, was getting to use those skills with my own child and then having him grow up to teach me.

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I wanted little jobs that would allow me a lot of time
to make paintings. In the early 80’s it got to be harder to manage with nothing but little jobs so I went to a cheapo grad school and became a Professional Person.
I suddenly had a Role instead of just ways to make money. I liked the work
(art therapist) but I didn’t like having to live the Role.

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I wanted to be a soldier in the Army. I’ve been in for 10 years. I love working with my hands and being outdoors, not cooped up in an office (no offense). I also love discipline and structure. There are some fall backs, deployment, but I knew what I was getting when I signed the dotted line.

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