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How do I get myself to move?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) August 5th, 2012

I am in a bad situation at the moment, and have been for a while. Some of you have read a few of my posts, so I really don’t want to get wordy here. But I think its time for me to move. When I say move, move back to the UK where I am originally from.

There I will get benefits, for my Bipolar, be able to see doctors when I need, including various therapists etc., as well as get to some support groups in the UK with similar like minded people.

Here due to a huge population inflicted with poverty understandably Bipolar and mental illness does take a back seat. If you are unemployed you receive zero. I hear of “food banks” in the USA and find that fascinating for example. I could face literal homelessness. I am trying daily to get a home business going.

Medication here is difficult so is any help for any psychological issue.

Here is my problem. I am finding the “idea” of moving so huge, I cannot. But I know or think I know this is the best next step. Mostly that, which I find hard is leaving all that is familiar to me. I also suffer neurosis.
Who do I have there? only one person who I met 9 years ago on the net. We talk everyday. He is a great strength to me. But would never be able to help me with accommodation or anything else. (Long story). But he definitely gets me through my days, without his strong support I would have fizzled up and died. He is happy to link me to correct persons involved.

How on earth do I undertake a huge task, let go of my “things” sell up my home, it’s all too much and scary. Probably I am making it worse in my own head. I would love and appreciate any advice or strength as I truly need it.

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