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What size monitor do you have?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) June 2nd, 2008

I have a 20” Dell widescreen, plus my Macbook’s 13” screen.

Sorry if this question was previously asked. I searched :/

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16” flatscreen. Good enough for me.

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Acer laptop 15.4” . i love it.

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16” flat screen

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1×15”, 2×17”, 2×12” flat screens

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2 17” CRT screens.

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13.3” macbook :( ..or 92” when I hook it up to my projector :)

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17” macbook pro, but I am pretty sure I can get the helpful folks in IT to get me an additional screen. Maybe something larger…like 24” or something

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15” MacBook Pro. I’m probably going to order a cinema display as soon as I can sort myself out with a proper workspace in the house.

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15.4” Dell Inspiron laptop and a Dell 24” Widescreen LCD Monitor (that i got from eBay for $145)

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15” MacBook Pro and 12” iBook G4

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Most I ever had was 4×20” wide screens. Now I’m down to a 15” MacBook Pro and a 17” widescreen. Spaces makes it workable.

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I almost went for the 30in Cinema Display, but decided to go for the 24in iMac instead. The benefits of having another computer in addition to my Macbook Pro are great for so many logistical and practical reasons.

I think of it as a very reliable, stationary home base.

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20” widescreen and 17”.

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I have two identical 19” monitors side-by-side (after installing in my PC the required video card) so my screen view is aproximately 31” diagonally. I use it to view at work two or more programs simultaneously (email & database usually).

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13.3” macbook but sometimes i hook it to my tv for 42”

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17” laptop, but when I’m home its attached to the 65” plasma.

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20” iMac

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22” and 24”

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22” Samsung. Love it.

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14.1” iBook. Does the job.

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