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What kind of coffee do you regularly get for your house?

Asked by Mbass (54points) August 5th, 2012

I love – Seattle’s best # 5 ! I get it from Wal-Mart or giant eagle. I used French vanilla or hazelnut cream. I love a cup in the morning and at supper time. A dream of mine would be to eat sushi for all three meals and then coffee! Yes sir

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I grind my own coffee and brew it in my French press, and I drink it black.

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When I have house guests, I buy four ounces of what they drink. I also use a French press. I have converted my little Krups grinder into one that grinds flax seeds.

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My grandpa used to roast them on a pan for hours then grind them. You just can’ t compare it to store bought. Hmmmm. The smell…

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I brewed my own coffee for years, but, being single again I have returned to instant. I like Tasters Choice and I mix it 50/50, one container of regular with one container of the decaff in a canister. It’s good, I can drink more because it is half caff. and it lasts me forever.

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Starbucks medium Colombian or Duncan Donuts regular.

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Nothing regular. I like variety. I have a Keurig machine and make a point of my assortments or variety packs.

The same coffee every day is like being married to the same woman. Sure, tastes good and it’s familiar, but variety is the spice of life.

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The SO and I drink a fair amount of coffee, so I buy whatever is the cheapest or on sale. Mom always buys Kona coffee (brand doesn’t matter) in her effort to support US products. A SIL is from Colombia, so guess what type of coffee she buys. :)

@Mr_Paradox Do you grow your own beans?
@Coloma I like Taster’s Choice as well for an instant coffee. Do not ever get America’s Finest. Dirt tastes better than that stuff.

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Kona is good , too. I can only get them in tj max for some reason.

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@Pied_Pfeffer No I bought a bag of them from an online wholesaler of beans. I got like ten pounds of coffee beans in the basement. Luckly I drink a lot of coffee.

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I drink NescafĂ©, here in the UK we have only recently been able to buy Starbucks in sachets but it’s very expensive. Some mornings I choose to have a Starbucks.

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I like my coffee strong. My mom uses instant nescafe. That hurts my feelings.

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Lately it’s Trader Joe“s Italian Roast, Dark Roast, or Kona. I love Kona! You have to look at labels though because they often blend it with cheaper beans and then it’s not as good.The first time I had 100% Kona it was brought back from Hawaii by my brother in law. I was a guest at the house and my sister made a pot. I had 5 cups! It was the best coffee I ever had in my life.
I love a rich smooth non bitter taste that almost seems choclately. But I really don’t care for any of the flavored coffees at all. I also love most Columbian coffee. It has the rich mellow taste that I prefer.

Espresso is great too. I love how they serve it in Little Italy in Manhattan with a sliver of lemon peel and a shot of Sambuca, Mmmmm. Oh and the little whole bean in the bottom of the Sambuca glass that I always have to eat! That’s the grand finale.

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I have a keurig, but I don’t really use k-cups anymore. Instead, I bought an adapter so I can use regular bulk coffee. I buy tons of JFG breakfast blend and I drink between ten and twenty cups a day.

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Starbuck’s Sumatra.
The only problem is you get accustomed to it,then when you try drinking Folgers/Maxwell House it takes like someone mixed hot water with old coffee grounds.

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I buy green coffee from a variety of sources. I then roast, mix and grind it to taste. Then I usually make turkish coffee.

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Trader Joe’s brand French Roast or the Eithiopian beans. We grind daily and French press or run the espresso machine. I like canned evaporated milk as my creamer.

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I buy whatever is cheap. I usually get the local store brand. Nothing fancy.

I would gladly share that dream. Sushi and coffee. Nice.

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Kenco, Maxwell House, or most oftenly used Nescafe…
I would love to have my own coffee machine, but I can’t afford one.

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Lavazza Red Label beans.

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Generic dark roast.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Ten to twenty cups? Seriously?

I usually get Maxwell House, dark roast. Just a bit of milk in my cup, nothing else.

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I don’t drink it, but I buy it for my husband. He likes Eight O’Clock French Roast (whole bean).

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@augustlan that is my favorite.

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I’m not a big coffee drinker, but I enjoy a cup or two at times, especially with oreo or chocolate chip cookies. I’m more into tea, but the only coffee that I’ll drink is the regular (red bag) Eight O’ Clock brand, whole bean.

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When you guys use French roast or dark roast, does that enable you to put less coffee in each pot? Just wondering if it could be a way to save money…...

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The terms French roast,Italian roast and worst of all Spanish roast sound exotic but it’s deceptive as it’s actually burnt coffee beans,,,Spanish roast is coffee beans roasted to nearly charcoal state.
Premium coffee is seldom roasted in any of these ways.

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@jca Hubby puts the same amount in, no matter what kind of coffee it is. He just prefers the taste of French roast. I don’t think French is terribly strong, it’s mellower than some others he’s tried.

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