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Who let the dogs out because it is an annoying song.

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That song that says “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”
I hate it. I was listening to it and thinking… Bullshit. What doesnt kill you pisses you off, and makes you a bitter person for having to deal with it in the first place.
It reminds me of one time when I was reading the paper towels, and they had little sayings on them that said “reach for the stars”.
Really? That’s not inspiring! That’s a goal you will never achieve, and anyone who tells you to reach for stars obviously wants to watch you fail and laugh at you for even thinking you could actually touch a star. Depressing, really.

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Rick Roll

Because it’s so annoying.

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Angry because I hate it?
I don’t know, I think that seems trivial. I may not like more than a few songs, but I don’t get angry over them.

Angry because it stimulates my senses?
Black flag-My War. It brings me back memories of “friends” and other lowlifes I’ve encountered. Goddamn, I just want to smash someone’s trendy macbook just listening to it now.

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99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall. Drives me nuts.

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Anything by “The Fray”. I just can’t stand them. Their songs all sound the same, they’re whiny, and my roommate in college overplayed them. So every time I hear something by them, I want to smash whatever’s playing it… >:(

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Call Me Maybe. OH MY F***ING GOD. I just want to destroy whatever device it is playing out of. The song is totaly tone deaf and just annoys me to no end.

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Wild Horses by the Stones. My first husband used to sing it to me, then he shot himself. It reminds me that he didn’t mean it.

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@DominicX I’ve never listened to anything by The Fray, other than How To Save A Life.
I heard that all of their other songs sounded the same as it, so I avoided the others, so it wouldn’t ruin the song for me. Haha.

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Who gave me a GA for Oh come on?
And my link failed?

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Any Elton John or Stevie Nicks song….gag! Jesus, I didn’t like your music in the 70’s and I don’t like it now! Sappy, repetitious, boring. If I hear ” Landslide” or ” Tiny Dancer” one more time I might have to shoot myself. lol

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@Mr_Paradox, I agree, that song is awful.

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Really want to see you tonight. Nice song that everyone sang when it was popular. But the actual meaning is; I don’t want to commit to you, or even date or anything but I’m awake, my dick is hard and I have no hole to put it in, so what say I come over for as long as it takes me to get off?

HATE that song!

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Oh, oh, oh…if us old folks can carry on a bit @Trillian what about ” Havin’ my baby” hahahaha
The most horrible song ever written!

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@Coloma do NOT get me started, I’m on break. Otherwise I would be all over this.
Woman in love… MY ASS!

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@Coloma I had put that horrible song out of my mind. It is the worst song ever!

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@Trillian @chyna Haha…OMG…I bet we could carry on forever with the sad 70’s bomb tunes. lol

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Crosby Stills and Nash Love the One you’re With just pisses me off. The message is to go ahead and abandon hopes for who you want to be with, and to settle on that person you have no feelings for. It really doesn’t make me angry, but it does annoy the hell out of me.

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Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” offends on multiple levels. Catchy tune, tho’.

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“We are young” pisses me off.
This guy is standing across the bar, while a cop questions his girlfriend about a scar that she has from when he beat her up a few months ago. And his friends are chillin’ in the bathroom, getting high.
Then the next second they’re all happy together, even though his apology is not sincere.
No one really gets what’s going on, because it’s speaking in code, so they all think it’s great.

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Caramelldansen should get shot. It’s so unbelievably annoying.

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Any Stevie Nicks or Alanis Morissette warbeling away puts me on edge but now our satellite station plays some ridiculous “Barbie Girl” song that’s pretty close.

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You guys really have to watch that David Hasslehoff video, go pee first. lol

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Billy Bragg – Between the Wars

A lot of his stuff makes me “angry” (it’s not the best word, but it’ll do for now) because while I appreciate the sentiment – as what rational person could not? – it’s just wrong in so many factual ways. I’m antipathetic to the actual meaning of many “populist” music for the same reason.

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As much as I love Adele, the song “Sombody Like You” makes me just lose it and ruins my day, everytime I hear it. Not because of her, but because of the bastard it makes me think about.

Alanis Morrisette(sp?) makes me pretty angry as well.

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“My How You’ve Grown” 10,000 Maniacs, makes me think about my psycho dad and my situation as a kid. He was and is very mentally ill and violent and I saw and heard a lot of it.

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That workin 9 till 5 shite, “what a way to earn a livin”
I’m on nights, ya dumb fuckers!

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I’ll be your shelter – Taylor Dane
I’ll stand by you – Chrissie Hynd

Same reason for both songs. Let a stupid man treat you like shit on a continuing basis and keep on enabling him.

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Love Hurts
Initially because it was whiny and grated on my nerves. Now it is also because I know it’s true. Damn song.

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My song is Guano Apes – Electric Night It reminds me of all the fights I had with my ex because when we were on the edge of breaking up I was literally listening to it 24/7

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