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Will you be watching the attempted landing of Curiosity tonight?

Asked by filmfann (47601points) August 5th, 2012

In just 4 hours, the Mars explorer “Curiosity” will make its 7 Minutes of Terror descent and landing on Mars.
Are you planning on watching it?
Will you be following its mission?
Are you going to watch just for the possible epic-fail?

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Nah! I’ll more n’ likely be fast asleep. Hopefully, I’ll watch the reruns tomorrow.:-)

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Thanks for the reminder buddy – now I will. I had read about it recently.

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Yes, though it’s past my bedtime. NASA TV. If the landing sequence fails (another Mars mission crashes) I don’t want to wait until morning. In this regard I’m like the Godfather, who “insists on hearing bad news at once. ”

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Yes, I’m watching.

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I’m on NASA TV right now in a separate tab. Any time now we know. As far as I can tell, it isn’t being carried on Comcast. They stick to important stuff like Keeping Up with the Kardasians and Ancient Alien conspiracy theories. After all, they only have 990 channels to devote to covering things.

Curiosity has landed and is transmitting back high-res images.

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just watched it. :-)

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That was exciting.

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The first thing I heard on the radio this morning was that it had landed successfully. I’ll be interested in following developments. The images so far are low resolution. High resolution colour pictures are expected later in the week.

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I can’t believed it stuck that crazy landing! NASA is awesome!

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No TV here, sooo, I will have to read all about it.

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Don’t to read the papers, just look here vvvvv !
West Palm Beach TV Curiosity on Mars

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Late, but yes I watched it with my dad. It was so thrilling to watch mission control jump out of their seats when the confirmation of its safe landing arrived. I can’t wait to hear about its findings in the months to come.

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Did you see this. I thought it was just incredible. The most amazing picture I have seen this year.

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