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Any other climbers have a really big problem with the Dark Knight movie? How far will you go to overlook errors for a movie that you want to like?

Asked by syz (35649points) August 5th, 2012

Ok, as much as I want to like the Dark Knight movie, I have some serious issues with it. SPOILER ALERT.
1) If you are a CIA operative and have prisoners turned over to you, wouldn’t you pull their hoods off to see who they are?
2) If you have a vertebrae sticking out of your back, hanging from a rope and getting it punched back in will fix it?
3) If you have a belayer on your rope, why wouldn’t they take up the slack so you don’t slam into the wall (repeatedly)? And how did not break your back on that static rope, hmmm?
4) And if you have a top rope, why wouldn’t you have the guy on the end just pull you up to freedom?
5)Hey, did you notice those easily climbed ledges leading to the top? What’s with the completely unnecessary horizontal leap, anyway?
6) If you are the only remaining police force, why would you march together, bunched up, so the bad guys can just mow you down en masse?
7) If you have this amazing airborne firepower, why wouldn’t you just wipe out the bad guys rather than leave your vehicle and join in the brawl?

I’m sorry, but just so many things that were so stupid…and easily fixed. And suspension of disbelief is different than shoddy mistakes.

My partner said she enjoyed the movie until I ruined it for her pointing out the errors. Can you overlook things like that, or do they ruin the movie for you?

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I’m very observant, but…it’s Hollywood, and action films aren’t about common sense they are about action and keeping the drama alive. No, doesn’t ruin it for me, but I do observe the inconsistencies.

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@syz Only if you have time, please read my posts here. : )

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Only you can pick ‘n choose which things you can and cannot put in “suspension of disbelief” pile. If this is the thing that you just can’t get over, then so be it.

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Let me limit my answer to the seventh question:

__7) If you have this amazing airborne firepower, why wouldn’t you just wipe out the bad guys rather than leave your vehicle and join in the brawl?__

The Batman doesn’t shoot weapons at bad guys. That is where he draws the line.
He will fight them, but not shoot them.

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@filmfann Yeah, I got that from the “no guns” comment. I guess I’m not as principled; I’d rather shoot couple dozen bad guys than sacrifice 12 million.

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I take it in stride. It’s a story. And the movie makers get to use their creative license I suppose.
If it’s a documentary of some type that should be as factual as possible, then it bugs me if the facts are faked to sway opinions of viewers.

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Not unlike horror films when the victims go in search of where the creepy noise came from instead of running away, and when they do run they always fall on their face. haha
So stupid, but an integral part of the suspense.

Oooh, half our friends have been beheaded and strung up on meat hooks but golly gee, we better investigate that strange sound coming from the attic. lol

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I will always point out those scenes where there are a group of soldiers moving across an area and they are all clumped together, almost within reach of each other. In real life that would be wrong ”the five meters between peters – rule” but because of the technical aspects of getting all the actors in the same frame they need to do that. I bet everyone who has been in the military sees those right away. Even my wife will beat me to it when we watch together. A lot of people won’t pick that technicality out and it really doesn’t take away from the plot so I just get passed it.

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I don’t know, I just thought after those cops just got out after weeks and weeks of being trapped underground, smelling each other’s shit, the last thing they would have in their mind is attack in formation. They came out for a street brawl, their main honcho being the Bat while the other gang had Bane.

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It’s a movie, fictional at that, I don’t attach any other significance to them.

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Movies do that all the time.\

Take the Denzel Washington movie Unstoppable. Some railroad friends of mine said it was inaccurate and unsafe (from a railroading point of view) about 70 times during the movie. It didn’t reflect proper railroad practice, and the actors (and extras) were just WAY out there in terms reality.

But – so what? It was entertainment, not a class in Locomotive Management.

Don’t read too much into frivolous and silly time wasters,

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