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How do I tell a friend that I have feelings for him?

Asked by mowens (8350points) August 5th, 2012

I have a friend that just moved back in to town,. We used to hang out all the time when he lived here before, in 2007. I liked him then, but accepted that we would just be friends and never said anything about it. Now, I am hanging out with him. He just moved back to town and I like him now more than I did in 2007. How do I bring this up without ruining our friendship? Should I do it now? Should I wait until we are both drunk? (haha) I am gay, and so is he obviously. But I think he might see me as just a friend. He moved back into my city….. we are hanging out right now. I am a little more drunk than he is… which could be bad. ANYWAY advice… should I bring it up now? Should I text him tomorrow? What are your thoughts?

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I wrote this from my phone as we sit here and chat… and I haven’t seen him since 2007

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I would just come out and tell them.

Don’t wait till you’re both drunk or they might think it is the booze talking

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@DrBill soooo not tonight? :)

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yes, tonight , right now (if you’re not drunk)

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We both are. :(

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Then wait till you are both sober

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What do I say? Should I do it over text or ask him to dinner? Will it ruin the friendship?

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Ir might ruin the friendship, or it might not. I agree with @DrBill; don’t do it while either of you are drunk. Don’t text it either. I’d just start by saying you like him. Don’t say that you “have feelings”; just say you like him. Based on his response, you can then expand on this original statement (or not), and then see where it goes.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

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Ask him if he only sees you as a friend, or as possible dating material. It’s the only way to know for sure. :)

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ask in a gentle way, to allow him to back out gracefully if he does not feel the same way. I would not do it by text, that is almost as bad as breaking up by text message. Ask him to dinner, as ask something like *Do you think we would make a good couple?”

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^^Too direct. I vote for Auggie’s subtle suggestion.

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From someone who has been their done that: FOR GODS SAKE BE CAREFUL!!!! If this reltionship goes south you are looking at a horrible goodbye. The las time I dated a friend when we broke-up she stole my car and moved home that night. Still haven’t seen her since then. That was two years ago too.

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No, be direct. If you are subtle, he might think you are just joking, even if he really wants it to be true. Sit him down and tell him. I’ve had a friend tell me, and it was difficult for a while, but things worked out.

And anything can ruin a friendship. They are incredibly delicate. Unresolved and unspoken feelings will definitely ruin the friendship like a slow rot. This might ruin things but might make them better than ever.

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@athenasgriffin Did you end up dating?

@everyone else: So the way I see it, there are three routes I can go.

Option A
We were talking last night about how he makes bad decisions when dating, he likes to “fix people up” (if someone needs a job for example) and once he does that, people dont need him and get rid of him. I could make the logical argument for why we should date… I am stable, safe, and he will never have to provide for me. I imagine this would start with something like “I am going to suggest something, and before you give me an answer, I need you to let me finish. I think we should date. Logically, it makes sense. We can open up to eachother, and we get along really well. I think thats how a relationship should start, we can build off of that.”

Option B:
I could come right out and say it. Hey, I like you, lets date. Or, I can be even more bold and just kiss him. Which can go really bad or really well. Or, I can ask if when we first met, if he considered our first meetings dates… because I did. This option probably makes no sense.

Option C
The next time we drink, I can make sure something happens. ;) Then, insist we have to talk about it. I like this one the least, but at least I get to see him naked.

I am kidding about oprion C,but it is a viable option if I didn’t respect him so much.

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You will never find a better combination of words than those of Auggie, our resident sage.

They bear repeating: (I changed the location of “only.”)

“Ask him if he sees you only as a friend, or as possible dating material.” That way, if he doesn’t, the friendship is still intact.

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@gailcalled But couldnt that be seen as me asking if someone else would date me?

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Unless he is truly thick as a brick (and I am sure he is not) he will surely understand. The grammar of the sentence implies that you are talking about him in both phrases.

Try this out with a close friend whom you are not considering dating and see what he thinks.

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I think direct (and sober) is the best way, but give the guy an easy out.

You could say something like, “Bob, I’ve been thinking that we should try dating . What do you think? I’ve been starting to like you more and more and think it might be a good idea, unless, of course, you just see us as _ friends_.” Then let him respond. If he’s interested, you’re good to go, if he acts all uncomfortable or tells you that he likes you as a friend, then just say, “OK, I just wanted to throw it out there, but don’t worry, no pressure, we’ll definitely still be friends.” said with a nice smile.

I’m crossing my fingers for you : )

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