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How long does a new direct deposit usually take to go into effect if it's a two week pay period?

Asked by silky1 (1510points) August 5th, 2012

I was just trying to figure out when I could expect the direct deposit to be in effect.

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Mine took a week

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If you are talking about a deposit into a checking account and when you get full use, you need to ask your bank manager.

Some banks let you use part of the deposit immediately but stall for a few days on the rest so that they can get part of the float.

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I’m talking about a direct deposit made from an employer.

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It usually takes two pay periods, sometimes it is faster if you have a good payroll department and a bank that is good at processing paperwork. So if you are paid at the end of week two, and you start week one, the second paycheck will be direct deposit. If you start in week two it may get done by the end of week four, but it might be the end of week six.

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It depends. I’ve had some pick up quickly enough that my first paycheck was only for what I worked that Friday, and others where it took three weeks.

Most have been on the shorter end of that spectrum.

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Depends how efficient the employer is. It will probably go in this pay cycle or the next one.

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Where I work it also takes 2 pay periods. The first pay period runs as a test to make sure the numbers are correct, but doesn’t send any money.

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This will depend on the payroll company making the deposit. I process payroll at my company, and if the employee gives me correct banking information, I can make the change to a new bank account on the very next pay day. The problem for me is when employees get a number wrong, then they miss out on that pay day, because the bank rejects the deposit to the new account.

If you are working for a large company, they may tell you it takes 2 pay periods to make a change to a new bank account, but it is likely to give themselves a grace period to make the change.

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