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Have you ever attempted or successfully "Astral Projected"?

Asked by CuriousLoner (1809points) August 5th, 2012

This is a long video it is 45 minutes but the first 10 gives you a start of “How to” and was wondering if any of it is true or accurate?

I was suggested a question similar to mine which only had about 2 decent answers, alas I hope by asking it again to find more information.

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“and was wondering if any of it is true or accurate?”

No and no.

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I’ve frequently heard of this, and as a dualist I most definitely think that astral projecting is possible. The Monroe Institute specializes in this topic, so go there if you want to read it. Unfortunately there are so many New Age sites and material out there that you can find at least dozens of different opinions or hypothesises on alot of paranormal related phenomenon. I’m still sceptical of most people who claim that they can and do astral project for a variety of reasons and I don’t want to get into the reasons why on here.

Generally I try to avoid the New Age and psychic jungle out there, and stick to material from that of Findley, Doyle, Borgia, Meyers, Pearson, Chris Thompson (the dream detective who was denied the chance to take Randi’s challenge) and similar folks who have concentrated on empirical research of afterlife related subjects, consciousness, ghosts, hauntings, police psychics, telepathic communication, physical mediumship and even potential theories to why/how some paranormal phenomenom may be possible.

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@Paradox25 It’s Chris Robinson, not Chris Thompson. And Robinson (not Thompson) wanted to be tested on a TV show where he would set up the conditions. Any hack medium can tell you that that’s how they operate. Let’s see Robinson be tested in objective conditions that he doesn’t control.

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@Rarebear Are you referring to the video, or astral projection in general?

@Paradox25 Is everything you are talking about related to astral projection? I’m not sure what you are getting at.

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Astral projection

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Because there is absolutely no objective evidence.

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@Rarebear Yeah I goofed with that one. I was in a hurry when I wrote that and I had Thompson on my mind for some reason (unrelated matter).

@CuriousLoner The site I’d linked above gets into astral projection. Nobody here can give you the answer you’re looking for in a yes or no sense, so I gave you something to research for yourself. Personally I’m sceptical of most people who claim that they do and can astral project, but I’m open to the phenomenon being a potentially real effect nevertheless.

Getting back to attempting to answer your question I’ll just say no, I can barely remember my own dreams let alone do something like that. The Monroe Institute specializes in astral projection so why not look at that?

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“but I’m open to the phenomenon being a potentially real effect nevertheless.”

Well sure. I’m open to the idea that there is a tooth fairy also but it’s highly unlikely.

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No, and neither has anyone else in the history of the world.

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Never had an ‘astral projection’ other than I incident of the classic rising out of the body and floating above my bed when I was a child. Only ever had that the once.

1 other incident I had many many years later when I lived in a downstairs flat (apartment).
I was lying in bed in the morning after just waking up, but was still lethargic (but definitely awake) after a few minutes of lying there, though I could still feel my whole body, the sensation of touch was lost, that is to say I could not feel the bed or the covers of the bed, a very short time after this sensation occurred, I started to get a sinking sensation and I was aware that I was sinking through the bed.

The sensation continued until I hit the floor, but instead of hitting the floor I carried on through the floor which oddly became the ceiling of the bedroom I was in, I carried on sinking until I landed back on the floor of the bedroom just next to the bed. Now you may be asking, how did I know I was sinking through the bed, floor and ceiling with no touch sensation and my eyes closed, and the only answer to that is, close your eyes and visualise any object of your choosing, you can’t see the object, yet somehow in your minds eye you can. Anyway, after hitting the floor I opened my eyes and stood up.

I remember thinking if this is a dream it’s pretty f#$kin real!..... though I don’t recal if I saw myself, I do remember seeing my wife laying in it. Unfortunately for me, I sleep in the buff (birthday suit!), and that’s how I was in the bedroom!

So anyway, I decided I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity and decided I was going to try and make my way through the flat to the front door and go outside, hell, if it was a dream, I been naked before, and if it was an astral projection, I was just hoping that nobody could see me. I made my way to the front door and opened it, and walking down the street about 30 meters away there was a woman walking in the direction of my flat as looked at her she spotted me, and just as I was thinking ‘SH1T…..I’m naked’ I was instantly back in the bed and opened my eyes.

To this day (10 years on) I still haven’t told the wife about the incident.
I can’t say for definite is was astral projection, but it was the most vivid lucid dream I’ve ever had, if that’s what it was. It would be easy to dismiss it as a dream as an outsider, which is fine, and I can’t prove it wasn’t. But, the only way to persuade a skeptic on issues like this, is for them to experience it for themselves, its a very personal experience, and one that probably can’t be induced.

EDIT – A closed mind will never experience anything external of its paradigms boundaries.

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