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What is the correct job application etiquette?

Asked by bongo (4302points) August 6th, 2012

I applied to a job a few weeks ago with the final date of application on the 20th July. I still have not heard anything back however the interview date is not due until the 15th August. I would love to be able to plan my summer a little and want to contact the company so that I can find out either way but is emailing to pester about a position potentially going to go against me as being impatient or could it help, showing that I am more proactive?

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If you haven’t already emailed them or been “pestering” them, I don’t see any problem in sending a short follow-up with a query in mind to sort out a more precise date.

Employers understand, just be overly courteous and gracious, use the opportunity to thank them again for their time in considering you.

If they still don’t give you a clear idea of dates and schedules to expect, then they probably don’t know how it will unfold themselves. Best to just deal with the obscurity at that point.

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I think it is fine to email saying you are still interested in the position and are excited for where it may lead but only if you haven’t already done so. I think it is best to be a bit vague and not put them on the spot. From what I’ve learned about job hiring, it isn’t always the highest priority so it isn’t unusual for them to not know the precise details ahead of time (especially if it’s not some major corportation).

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Just keep the tone of the email light. Try something light like:

“I applied for the position of “Job Title” in July. I have not yet heard anything from you, and I wanted to let you know that I am still very interested in the position. Can you tell me if I am still under consideration?”


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@bongo Can you clarify the statement, “the interview date is not due until the 15th August.”? Where was this ‘next step’ listed? Prior to the application process or after the application was submitted? What exactly does it mean? I have never heard of a blanket interview date before, only interview appointments arranged by the employer.

Is this a new business that hasn’t opened yet? Sometimes companies in this type of situation will arrange to conduct initial interviews individually, but on the same date.

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I have heard of blanket interview dates before, this is with a government agency and I know they hold interview “days” however I would have expected to hear something back by now at least! I emailed to let them know I am still interested as @marinelife suggested and got this back: “I am not able to reply to your email until Wednesday 8 August”. So that answers my question as to why I haven’t heard anything, still have my fingers crossed for it but have found a lovely job in London now which has just taken my eye away from the other job…. procrastination from my masters thesis… gotta love it!

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@bongo Great. At least now you know something!

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