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Why would any search engine remove the quotes from the search term/s?

Asked by flo (12974points) August 6th, 2012

I don’t know how many search engines do it, but I know Google does it. Here an example. It says “without quotes”. Isn’t the ideal to always to put it in quotes if you want to narrow down the results and waste less time?

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It didn’t remove the quotes. It did the literal string search you requested, and since it didn’t find any results (“No results found for “Why does Google remove the quotation marks from the search term?””), it gave you the results without quotes (“Results for Why does Google remove the quotation marks from the search term? (without quotes):”).

This is expected behavior.

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@tom_g Thanks, I am blind

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Remember that there are far more precise methods to use for narrowing results when inputting a query in the search bar.

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thanks @gambitking really useful page there.

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@gambitking EDTED: What do you think of this and the other links, From my OP

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I was expecting to find it immediately since it is so specific, in either youtube or Google.

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