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Why is my dog doing this? (details)

Asked by DigitalBlue (7100points) August 6th, 2012

I have two dogs, and they have both been housebroken for years. The younger of the two came from a very sketchy background, and tends to be food aggressive – so I feed the dogs in their crates. I have done this since she was a puppy, so both dogs have had this routine for 2–3 years.
In the last few months, the older dog (she’s about 5) will eat and then immediately poop in her crate. The weird part? If I don’t lock the crate, she is able to open it herself… and if she can let herself out immediately after eating, she could wait hours until having to poop. This behavior of crapping instantly has only started recently, and I don’t understand it. Why might she be doing it, and how can I make her stop?

What gives??

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Ever since she was a puppy (she’s now 12) my dog has always gone out to poop immediately after eating. I think it’s just a natural instinct. However if it’s a sudden behaviour change it might be a rebellious protest act against being locked in the crate, particularly if she doesn’t do it when she’s out of the crate. Sudden pooping and peeing where they’re not supposed to, with no underlying medical cause, is usually the dog telling you what she thinks of the current situation. Perhaps you could leave the door unlocked for her but not for the younger, more aggressive dog?

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One should walk their dog 15 minutes after eating.

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@squirbel I take my dogs out between 10–20 minutes after they eat, I give them a few minutes for their food to “settle.”
This is a new behavior, it isn’t like I forget about them for long periods of time.

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She might just be protesting being locked in, as @downtide says. If keeping her crate unlocked completely solves the problem, then you’ll know. If it doesn’t solve it, I would worry that it might be something medical and take her to the vet.

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Thank you.
I suspect that simply letting her come out when she is done will solve the issue, I’m fairly sure that this is behavioral… but I do know to keep an eye on her to be sure that it isn’t a medical problem.

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