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Do you find Robocalls annoying?

Asked by LuckyGuy (34732points) August 6th, 2012

Have you ever gotten useful information out of them?
Are you aware that Mr Jerry L Dorchuck is the CEO of Political Marketing International, the company that makes many of these calls? (His phone number is 850–482-7963 if you would like to hire him.) He boasts that he can make 175,000 calls in one hour.
What do you do to stop or slow them down? I put my phone near the radio and waste their time.
I have decided to keep track of the calls and will vote against the party that bothers me the most. Done!
What will you do?

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I usually answer and put the phone down, just to let the whole recording run so they won’t get to call anyone else for that time period. If it’s a real person, just to mess with them, I put them on hold.

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I screen calls. If I don’t recognize the number or it is blocked, I don’t answer or pick up the phone then hang up. The robocalls are disgusting. It is bad enough to hire people to annoy others, it is just criminal to make a computer do it.

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I hang up. Fuck em. Talk to me in person, or go to hell.

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I screen too but I don’t like that fact that the b*stards wake me up if I am taking a nap.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if people anonymously called Home 850–482-7963 or Work 215.370.5509 every time someone received a robo call? Or if people went to the PMI website and let it run for a while.
A shame indeed.

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If there is a pause indicating automated dialing I immediately hang up! I have no patience or consideration at all.

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I hate the robo calls. I sometimes like to answer the survey calls.

Last time I asked the young lady that called if she new that her employer had a no contact order filed against me and that her calling me was a felony punishable by up to 5 years in jail.

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I love when it’s a partial robo call.

“Hello, please wait on the line as we have a very important call from pioneer advantage group… Hello, please wait on the line as we…”

Are they kidding me?!? I’m gonna patiently wait on the phone, listening to a recorded greeting repeat itself while a human gets around to connecting the line — so they can sell me something or ask I take a survey?!?!?

Fuck and You, thankyouverymuch.

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My mother tells me if after answering you repeatedly press the # button it may cause their system to kick out your phone number. I don’t know if it really works but she still has a land line and swears by it.

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Is this the same annoyance as getting a text on the cell that’s about 5 miles long trying to pedal the latest thing in electronics? Someone is wanting me to get the latest I-pad and when I tried to reply to say stop bugging me,I know…futile, the message just came right back to my number ( that I had to re-open). All I have is a mobile tele and I have registered with “National Do Not Call Registry” I just thought it should be against the law to hit phones that are off limits. Or is there some loophole they get away with?

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@woodcutter you can complain to your vendor, most of them have a way to block nuisance calls or texts. Ask them to block the calls or texts, even if you don’t know the number they do, save the data so you can forward it to the vendor.

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@woodcutter I hate those texts almost as much as robocalls. I call Verizon and complain every time and demand a credit by dialing 611.

By calling 611 and complaining, I accomplish 3 things: I express my displeasure about receiving such calls, I tie up their customer service number, and I make it expensive for them to put through those calls giving them a financial disincentive to continue the practice.
I also made a vow to call my home phone with my cell phone for one hour for every text call I receive. It is easy and for one hour (usually around supper time, or when I am watching a movie or prefer privacy) I am not bothered and I tie up my providers tower adding to their costs.
If we don’t push back they will continue to do it.

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@woodcutter I will try the trick of hitting the # key and see what happens.

Usually I have a tab open to and I type the number in. By the third or fourth ring I know if it is spam or not and act accordingly.

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@LuckyGuy I use Straight Talk who uses the Verizon network, and boy, is their customer svc dept thick when I try to ask a question. These offshore people are so annoying to deal with that I pray nothing goes wrong just so I don’t have to deal with them. But the next time I get one of those messages I will attempt to get them to do something about it. It’s just that it eats up so much time dealing with these people I will just delete the message hoping it will be a while before it happens again. Probably the way they like it.

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@woodcutter. You have to make it expensive for them or else they will just keep sending spam calls through. They make money on those calls. I try to tie up the it costs them. Even if you dial an 800 number it is put in a queue and the wait time is recorded. It counts against their service response.
Use speakerphone while you are eating so it does not waste any of your time. .
I’m really liking the one hour of tower time fore every text. I have free ights and weekends and free mobile to mobile so I call whatever number is free at the time. And I don’t get unwanted interruptions.
I might just do from now on during times of intimacy. ;-)

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I have never received a ‘robocall’. I seem to recall one of our former Prime Minister using this technology a few years ago. I don’t (or didn’t because things have changed so much here politically recently) live in a marginal seat so I tend to miss out on much of the targeted political advertising in the lead up to elections.

We have a ‘do-not-call’ register here too. That means companies are not allowed to phone you to sell to you unless you request them to. There are big fines for companies who call people on that register. We still get a very occasional call but I can’t remember the last one we received on our home phone number. We also have an unlisted number.

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It would be cool to get some kind of reparation for being annoyed. could use the cash right now, Or does any penalty/ fines go straight to the FCC or whatever would be the penalizing authority? Or is it impossible to really make a complaint have legs here? That would make them hurt enough to back off…if enough of us burn them.

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@LuckyGuy I get 1000 minutes each month no matter what time of the day, period. No free minutes unless it is to 611… shudders.

So what does using the speakerphone have to do with wasting minutes? I’ve never heard of that before.

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In your case it does not matter. You are still using minutes In my case “mobile to moblie” calls are free as are “nights and weekends” anywhere in the US to any phone. So I make a free call and put it on speakerphone so I can be doing something else. Less grief for me.

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