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Have you ever seen a UFO?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) June 2nd, 2008

Care to elaborate on your sighting?

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argh! the one time I forget to search for the previously asked question! (I flagged it for removal)

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I am sure that plenty of the new folks, from what I can judge, will have some interesting experiences to report.

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(even though I know you hate it), I really am LOL

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no lol but I really did see this guy outside of his appt. and I am pretty sure he is crazy but he was screeming something about aliens… yeah weird… thats New Jersey for ya… lol

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I am a UFO, how’s that?

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what does the f stand for?

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flying, duh.

can’t you fly?

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only when launched from my 80 foot slingshot. but it’s not really flying…it’s more like falling horizontally!

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@play; I warned you. G

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oh wow, this again…....yes, I have seen many unidentified flying objects (and creatures)

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I saw a ufo once I was 14 and it was hovering right above me and was unmistakeable. It was in NH. It looked just like the UFO in this ufo picture the one thats labeled “UFO Picture- Washington State 1967”

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