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When it comes to discussing solutions, how do you prefer these discussions to go?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6533points) August 7th, 2012

Your response(s) can be about anything related to solutions.

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It helps to first define the problem. Then identify a number of possible solutions, then hone in on one solution and perfect it as you go along.

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I’d prefer the discussion to reflect the other person’s has read my mind and brilliantly solved my problems without a stitch of effort on my part.

Since that is fantasy, I just want the participants to stay calm, throw out ideas without censoring for logic and practicalities and keep talking. Some of the best solutions come from over the top ideas, yet I know so many people who won’t utter a word until they’ve decided they know the answer. These people don’t get that they aren’t discussing at that point, they are dictating.

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I like to have discussions where everybody participates and the point is to share ideas and come up with a consensus regarding the best answer.

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I love discussions where the different challenges are articulated and it’s possible to hone in on a solution that will actually work. That’s a rarity. More often, an panel of experts gathers together to define why nothing can be done. That approach, in my thinking, is the demonstration of the exact opposite of true expertise.

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I like brainstorming when people can just throw out ideas, and then eventually narrow down to one or two ideas that seem feasible.

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