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Cheap camera repair?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) June 2nd, 2008

I just got a Canon Powershot G9 about a month ago, and the screen is already cracked (no abuse on my part). I called canon and they told me repair would run me 187 dollars and 8 dollars shipping, just to replace the piece of glass covering the LCD.

Anyone know of any cheap but reliable camera repair places either in the Bay Area or online?


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my first thought was… cheap camera repair is as good an idea as cheap aircraft maintenance. (humor)
I wish you the best.

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How about your warranty?

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typically digital cameras, particularly compact ones, are built to require expensive repair, because there arent really independent parts. It might be cheaper for cannon (or you) to just replace the camera.

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It’s not a cheap camera, it’s a canon Powershot G9, this thing was about 500 bucks. They said physical damage isn’t covered by any warranty, because it’s my fault. No exceptions.

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I wish I had more palatable advice for you.
Modern cameras are not user-serviceable. In fact, they are for the most part not shop-serviceable either (except for simplest of repairs). “Real” repairs of these units is not economically feasible and a replacement is what you get with a factory warrantee.
My advice would be to go to a good shop and pay the tab (if they even think they can fix it). Otherwise, look for a used replacement.
Dare I ask, “What was this physical damage that was your fault?”

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There is a 3cm crack in the glass plate that covers the LCD screen. It happened on a train I guess; I packed it in a suitcase, very tightly, very secure. And put the suitcase between my legs. After I got off the train, I opened my suitcase to use the camera, and it was cracked. And no, the train wasn’t in a train wreck.

Anyway, the crack does not affect the actual LCD at all, as there are no broken or stuck pixels. Which means all I need is a new little piece of 3inch glass! That shouldn’t be 187 dollars, even with service charges. I’m almost tempted to do it myself… almost.

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Try to find a screen online, and repair it yourself, If you are sure that you cant do that watch videos how too.

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