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If at the end of each year, Fluther decides to give you in cash, how much lurve you have, how would your Fluthering change?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) August 7th, 2012

And please add what you may intend to buy with your projected amount of dough this December. Lol. Let me see, what can I buy with probably $18,008.00 bucks in this kind of economy?

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I would probably just answer more questions. I wouldn’t change how I answered them though.

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Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

Hmmm I would continue doing what I’m doing, just a little more fervently I suppose lol

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Probably kiss a little more liberal ass.

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I wouldn’t change anything. If I got the money at the end of the year I would book a holiday and perhaps meet some jellies along the way.

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I’d be around more often.

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I am not in Fluther for the money, I would probably, reluctantly go somewhere else.

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It wouldn’t, unless it was a lotta money

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Are we talking our total lurve count or just how much we earned for that particular year?

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Ah, it would be just like my day to day earnings then – meagre! In both cases I do as much or as little I feel like because I do it for the love of it so what little I earn is/would be a bonus. (That sounds like I don’t work very hard, hah! Now there’s a thought!)

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I would post a lot more in Meta.

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Call me a sell out, but I would be busting my ass to post as much as humanly possible.

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If I was paid for participating here, I would go back to answering all day every day.

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Call me a sell out, too. Honestly, though, it would destroy the value of the site.

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Damn, the boss has spoken. Off to cancel my holiday!

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I’d be a little poorer.

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I would spend any extra money I might get getting my yard put back in order. I have some very bad landscaping issues.

I also need a new pool heater.

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I’d probably lurve my favorite Jellies a lot more, and hope that they use the money to come see me. :D
I’d lurve the hell out of my sister, to make sure she has money for cigarettes, because no one likes her when she doesn’t have cigarettes…

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I think that even the richest flutherite would make more money focussing on other things.

Besids, if fluther would become work, I’m sure I would loose my motivation for it. There would be more interesting jobs out there.

(Now if we would get 50$ per lurve point, then maybe I would rethink my position. Fluther would become a nasty place though. More so if the people that awrd the lurve would have to pay for it.)

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I would ask a lot more questions.

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Probably, I will donate it.

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I’d try and get a lot more users, as getting maxed out by the regulars would put a quick end to our fun. Don’t know how I’d do that, though.

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I parrot @Bellatrix

I’d throw a huge fluther party and fly in my favorite flutherers for a wing ding at my little micro-farm.

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I’d become more addicted than I already am. I’d use the money for traveling. I haven’t been to Australia and New Zealand yet.

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I would probably quit, as that would confirm that it’s just a popularity contest.

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I’d write a program to scrape popular questions (with their top answers) from other Q&A sites and post them here. I’d try to cash out before Fluther went bankrupt. Okay, not really, but that would be the temptation.

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MIlo here; You mean no-one else gets that large year-end check? Oops.

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I would fluther the crap out of this site.

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The site would be corrupted with people doing back room deals promising to over lurve each other for part of the haul. And those who would use the flag system to play it in order to stop others. Money changes everything.

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I wouldn’t think so much about should I or shouldn’t I answer a question. Definitely answer anything I could that I had some reasonable knowledge about. I’d pay off my student loans.

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@woodcutter Oh, and more fake accounts to self-lurve

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I would understand the motivation behind self-lurving

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I’d quite my day job.

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I think the site would become much more active but it would rapidly be filled with rubbish. Like Yahoo Answers, which somehow manages to be rubbish even without the promise of money.

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*make that quit. :)

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