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Has anyone ever been to The Thousand Islands in NY?

Asked by Dsg (1406points) August 8th, 2012

It borders Canada and Otswego, NY and the Appalatian mountains.

There is a story about a man who built a castle (Boldt castle)for his wife, but he never got to complete it because of his sudden death. I just love to read history with a story.

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I have. It’s a very nice area to visit.

It’s not all that close to Oswego though.

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I went there a few times. Once was on a class trip. At that time they weren’t so careful about protecting themselves against lawsuits so they actually let us creep around inside the ruins of the castle. It was really cool because there were these old stariwells filled with rubble. Everything fell into ruin after she died and the castle was never completed. Nowadays they’d never let you walk inside. They’d be too afraid someone would get hurt.
I don’t remember much else about the 1000 Islands.

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I would like to visit the place as i am history freak also. So should be going there soon.

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@Daisygurl Bred and born in NYS, but your geography is a little off. It’s the border between NY and Canada in Northern NY. Oswego is on the Great Lakes.

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My niece got married at Boldt Castle last summer. Scroll down and view before and after photos,, @Earthgirl. It is glorious. Even if you don’t make it across the St. Lawrence to the castle or any of the islands, Alexandria Bay is a very nice day trip.

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Beautiful area use to visit Kingston and the Royal Military College of Canada from Watertown and other places in New York.

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I’ve been there. Actually, my family is from somewhat nearby. It’s a pretty, if kind of economically depressed, area that is off the beaten path.

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I know someone who got married there. She had a medieval wedding. I didn’t go because it’s a good 5 hours from me, and I didn’t know her that well at the time. I have seen slideshows of the islands, and they’re beautiful. I bet if you look on You Tube you can find it (slideshow of islands).

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Never been. Adding it to my list of roadtrips!

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I grew up going fishing in the Thousand Islands every summer. We initially stayed at Dewolf Point State Park, then when we got a camper, we switched to Wellesley Island. My dad’s family preferred Keewaydin and Kring Point, but my parents claimed there were more mosquitoes there! How true that was I don’t know, but Wellesley Island was really nice. I remember driving into Alex Bay to rent our boat. Then, my dad & I would come back on the river while my mom & sister drove back. They made a race out of it but because my mom wasn’t a lead foot, dad and I usually won.

Boldt castle is a great place to visit if you ever can. As @bolwerk said, it’s pretty, though economically not so great. I wouldn’t mind going back someday on vacation.

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bkcunningham What a difference from when I was there as a child! Thanks for showing me that. I had no idea that they were renovating it at all. They’ve done a beautiful job. It’s so fittingly romantic for weddings to be held there now. Did your niece have a beautiful wedding?

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It was romantic and enchanting. Thank you for asking, @Earthgirl.

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