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How would you set up public free advice for Obama's campaign?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) August 8th, 2012

So the Koch’s are about to fund a huge buy of ads attacking Obama on the deficit.

I thought of a response ad that would show a series of votes in Congress. It would show a quick quote from Obama saying what the vote would do, then a graphic showing the Republicans killed the legislation. These images would pass by faster and faster, and the end tag line would say something like:

Think the Republicans are in favor of deficit reduction?
Think again!

or They don’t act that way!

I’m think of how this could be done through something like twitter (which I don’t use). The idea is that the best ad ideas get retweeted the most. Or maybe they get Facebook liked or I don’t know anything about Reddit. But the idea is that the best ad ideas rise to the top, and then the Dems make the ad.

How would you do this?

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Do the Dems have to actually fund the ad, or does the ad just need to be out there?

Twitter isn’t really good for this sort of thing; it doesn’t show images. Facebook and Tumblr are really the best way to go for images.

I’m kind of confused about what exactly you’re trying to do here. Set up a way for people to directly communicate with the Obama campaign? Have a Reelect Obama ad contest? Slam Republicans through social media?

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The best way, once created, is to put it in YouTube then post on Facebook and Tumblr and via Twitter, spread as fast as possible so it goes viral. But you need to get it onto television so someone has to buy airtime. It’s only effective if you can get it seen by independent voters who plan to vote.

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I’m thinking more about “selling” the concept (or pushing it), not actually making the ad. Like a way of making suggestions that have kind of been vetted by the public. But maybe it won’t work without a demo. In which case the concept doesn’t work.

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Like what pollsters do?

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Pollsters give us information, but they don’t suggest ad concepts. I mean like when people in the ad agency are sitting around brain storming.

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I have learned that when I see those ads by huge, secret PAC’s to understand they they are extracting our freedoms. Whatever the ads say, do the opposite, otherwise you are selling your freedom the the oligarchs, and fascists that pay for the ads.

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I know what you mean, @wundayatta. The same thought occurred to me when I was asking this question. It seemed to me (and my doctor) that Obama/the Dems should be actively getting these ideas out there, but they’re not. I wonder if the official campaign site might have a way to submit ad ideas? It wouldn’t have the same heft as an idea with a lot of social media “likes” behind it, but at least we could get our ideas to somebody. Will have to do some research…

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Ok, I just looked, and you can submit questions or comments on this page:

I submitted my ideas, and feel a little better. :)

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