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If you could be a sound, what would it be?

Asked by themherme (191points) June 2nd, 2008

I would probably be the sound of a giggle, cause Im just cute like that lol and I make people happy…

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White noise or the ocean…waves on the shore, sloshing against a ship or boat, any noise that the ocean makes.

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something loud and obnoxious…..

Edit – I was reading this question as “if you WERE a sound” not that we can choose to be any sound. But honestly, I think I would stick with my answer regardless because it fits my personality.

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The sound of a Loon. The bird. Not a raving lunatic.

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a voice/s of angel/s singing

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i’d be the german overdub of a porn movie, saying “oh baby, ich √üpritze”

i would just be that single line of text

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I am already a very loud sound, just ask my friends. :) I’m usually known for screaming helllllooooooooo to all my friends. (Think Jerry Seinfeld meets Mrs. Doubtfire :-P)

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The sound of a wave breaking.

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The sound of one hand clapping.

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the opening of dueling banjos

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The ‘pop’ sound Donkey makes in the back of the cart on the way to ‘far, far away’ in Shrek 3.

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“The Sound of Music.”

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themherme- Is your real name James Lipton?
I’d have to say the sound of a fart. Just so that my wife and family could recognize me.

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volcanoes exploding!!!!! Because I can explode anytime….... With anger!!! LOL. J/k.

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the sound my fridge makes when its making ice. Its like a rumble…

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Boing, Boing!!!!

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Rattling change in my pocket.

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hmm, someone needs to remove the descriptive “gentleman” from his profile, bless his little heart. I’m still waiting for belchman to show up.

I guess we can all excuse him for his loyalty to my hero, DD.

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I loyally defend Astro. There are family moments. The “what happens here doesn’t leave our house” kind. I agree too. I’m not shy of the need to publicize with co-workers.


Astro – me too. LOL

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It just left the house. Like I said though, any friend of Donald’s is a friend of mine, especially someone who would take the time to punch out his entire theme song on an iPhone.

That being said, we have a belchman in our family, he performs the alphabet upon request at family talent contests. Quite a few of the younger males strive to duplicate his “talent”.

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No lol my real name is Jenny, his is Tommy no James here :*)

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