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What would be your favourite sports movies?

Asked by ucme (45421points) August 8th, 2012

Not limited to biopics, just as long as a sport or sports person, or even an event, features heavily within the story.
Tedious, yet often necessary disclaimer: For those uninterested in either topic, move on…...nothing to see here.

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The Best of Times is my all-time favorite sports movie.

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Cool Runnings is always good for raising a smile :-)

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Escape to Victory

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Never Back Down 2 I liked very much, and Rocky.
What about Gladiator? Would that be classed as a sport too? I love that film.

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I liked Field of Dreams and The Natural

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Without a question, Slap Shot.

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Bang the Drum Slowly, Major League,

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The baseball one with Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon. He gives a majorly erotic speech about what he likes…including long wet kisses that last three days.

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The Other Final
Gladiator (lol)
Cinderella Man
A League of Their Own (of course the jitterbug scene is my favorite scene!!)

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Due to disclaimer, I have to let you know that I would have moved along speechless, except I now have to point out that I am doing so, to make sure you notice.

Just responding relevantly to the details. Sheesh

How about a deal. You don’t make unnecessary disclaimers, and I don’t make unnecessary claims. Gah! You know better!

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@wundayatta Oh C’mon! We know how you love Rocky so much that you literally hang out at the Art Museum waiting to see great scenes such as this!

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Probably Slapshot, it’s freakin’ hilarious. The French version also has actual Québec translation, complete with accents and good old fashioned Québec cussing. Seeing as everyone here is obsessed about hockey…when I first saw it, I actually thought it was from Québec.

Love that part when two policeman come to get members of the team, and some guy’s like…hey dudes, there’s two cops wanting to talk to you. One guy goes; what, only two? Lol.

Otherwise I don’t know many sports movies, but I also like A League of Their Own. It was pretty cool.

Although my true default answer is, any horror movie that has some sport thing, like a baseball bat or a skate used for killing something, or someone.

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@Symbeline Sick!!!! That’s sick, girl!! Lol.

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@Symbeline Do tap shoes count? If so, then I know a good movie for you…

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They do! I took tap dancing as a kid haha Now what movie could this be?

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Oh man, it’s one of those previews that makes you wonder just what the hell’s going on here. :D

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That little girl is totally creepy. She’ll give even you nightmares!

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She certainly seems disturbing. Most ’‘fucked up little girl’’ movies I see always have quiet, evidently evil little girls, while this one seems a bit more hyper, for lack of better word. Should definitely be different.

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Not really into “sports movies”, and I consider baseball a boring sport, but I do like “Eight Men Out” and “The Natural” enough they’d be at the top of my list.

(I also like “Heaven Can Wait”, “Hoosiers”, “The Hustler”, “Hoop Dreams”, “A League of Their Own,” “Rudo y Cursi”, and “Breaking Away”.)

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@wundayatta You finished? Good, now wipe your nose & answer the fucking question, I know you enjoy sports such as cycling, so quit bellyaching like a pompous fool & give me a movie…American Flyers maybe?

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@ucme I’m wondering whether I should flag that as a personal attack. ;)

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@Lightlyseared C’mon, that movie wasn’t that bad :¬)

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I don’t understand why more people don’t answer this @ucme !! There have to be zillions of good movies featuring sports! I am not even a big sports fan and I could come up with 4 right off the top of my head…..the top of my head is a little muddled and barely functioning and still….
I have to share a reminiscence that concerns the movie Slapshot. My mother, a lifelong Paul Newman fan (she even had a poster of him in her laundry room) went to see part of the filming in our hometown. I guess she looked quite adoring maybe, but for whatever reason, as Paul made his way around the stadium where they were filming he passed close enough to see her looking at him and he winked!!! Paul Newman winked at my mother…mind you, she was no spring chicken! I just absolutely love him for that!!!

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@Earthgirl Yeah, I think that’s probably because some folks refuse to answer questions asked by people they don’t get along with, which is really shallow to me, but there you go.
You’re right though, loads of great sports movies.
If I was pushed, i’d have to say When We Were Kings is my fave, fantastic account of the rumble in the jungle.

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That is a really good one. And what about Million Dollar Baby with Hilary Swank? Weirdly that makes 3 boxing movies I like and I hate boxing!

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Yeah, another fine movie, anything with big Clint at the helm is bound to be good.
Best boxing movie though has to be Raging Bull, just a class act.

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@ucme Yes Raging Bull is really great! I can’t believe it!That makes 4 boxing movies I really like. I be there are others that I’m forgetting I didn’t like Rocky much though. I know it’s sacrilege to some people to say so.

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@Earthgirl Another good boxing movie Somebody Up There Likes Me with Paul Newman.
The Rocky movies are entertaining enough, but not what i’d call great films.

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@ucme Based on your other likes being so similar to my idea of what a great film is, I will check it out, thanks!

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