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What are important words in the lexicon of Political Correctness?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 9th, 2012

I seems that in order to be a Political Correctness artiste you must use the proper vocabulary.

It is evident that there are words that are indispensible if one is to be a master.

Offended is certainly one. As are racist and homophobe.

But I am not skillful at the PC art.

What are other key words in the Political Correctness vocabulary?

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“people of color” as opposed to black or hispanic

“Pro-life” instead of “anti-choice”

”“mistakes were made” instead of “we screwed up”

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“Job creators”

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‘diversity’ almost always is code for ‘people with darker skin than mine’ rather than referring to diversity of socioeconomic background/class, political opinion, religion, etc.

Is it really politically correct to call a spade a spade and tell someone they are being a racist or a homophobe, however? I wonder… It seems like the politically correct way to say that would be something like ‘that person is lacking in acceptance-promoting life experiences’ or some crap like that. But I’d rather just tell them they’re being a dick.

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques instead of torture.
Department of Defence instead of war department.
Patriot Act instead of Ermächtigungsgesetz.
Familiy Values instead of anti gay bigotry.
Free market instead of social darwinism and predatory capitalism.
True American and Patriot instead of rabid national chauvinist.
Second amendmend supporter instead of sick deviant sexual gun fetishist.

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‘You make a good point.’

‘i will think about what you just said.”

“Interesting point of view.”

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Intellectual vegetable : Stephen Hawking… that’s not right!

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“I ‘respect’ gay people, just not their right to marry” = I’m a closeted homophobe

Come at me.

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There is no lexicon of political correctness outside of the deranged minds of conservative think-tankers. “Political correctness” is a right wing term for when their opponents point out prejudice or make someone resign for saying they hate gays/blacks/women (an attitude that has no place in representative government). Almost no one holds views at all like the right-wing caricature of the political correct lefty. It’s just another Big Lie that spineless liberals have allowed people to believe by not pointing out how bullshit it is.

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