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Who has become this generation's George Seldes?

Asked by DaphneT (5745points) August 9th, 2012

This Fluther question led me to this , which led me to George Seldes.
Of all the news media sources, have you come across someone, today, who takes investigative journalism to the same level that George Seldes did? Was he an aberration of his generation or the last of a breed? He tried to expose a 1933 coup of Roosevelt’s administration, did his reporting just describe the inevitable?

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I don’t think that George Seldes has a successor – especially in today’s over controlled news media. And if someone aspired to be his successor, it would have to be on the internet, because they would not stand a chance in the print media or on television.

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Interesting link, but I don’t see any discussion or reference to the 1933 coup you mentioned.

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I think Nick Kristof, of The New Yoek Times, might be closest to what you’re looking for. He is an incredibly brave investigative reporter on humanitarian issues around the world.

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@filmfann, excerpt from Seldes book 1000 Americans. Reference to more on the topic. However, I don’t see the original lines I read and I don’t remember where I saw them. What I have found on that topic suggests a conspiracy theory, but I’ll have to make up my own. oh well

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