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Can I do massage therapy?

Asked by twiggles90 (85points) August 9th, 2012

I have been thinking of going into the massage therapy, but I was in a car accident so now I have a bad shoulder. It okay sometimes, but it hurts more then its okay and its been 5 months since the accident. It hurts to move it in a circle or raise it above my head most the time or press hard on things. So I was wondering if because of this chronic pain if I was able to go into this field of work. If anyone could please answer me or give me any info that would be great. thank you

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This is all just what I’ve heard, so I’m certainly no expert but the word is that massage therapy can be pretty hard on one’s body. I’ve heard back problems aren’t unusual. You might want to wait another 6 months or so and see if your shoulder heals further.

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I doubt it

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The only professional that I know had to quit due to carpal tunnel. If you’ve got permanent damage, it seems unlikely that you’ll be able to keep it up.

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I highly doubt it, unless your shoulder heals up to be as good as new. It’s very hard on the body.

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Okay thanks guys

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