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Care to recommend some sturdy collared shirts for men?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4367points) August 9th, 2012

I’m not looking for anything stylized, but I am looking for some collared shirts that are pretty sturdy. Just need them for under the sweater type of shin digs. Where should I shop for them?

Here’s an example

Looking to not spend a whole lot nor does it have to be a super professional type of shirt. Thanks!

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I don’t know what “shin digs”
means, but the shirt looks like a high-quality white men’s dress shirt. The collar may have been starched to give it that look (which will also provide you with a killer neck burn.)

Like this

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Get Lands End button down collar oxford cloth shirts . They’ll cost you $50, last forever.

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I personally prefer the non button-down shirts, as did my husband. He wanted to look sharp, not preppy. I recommend you get one good quality men’s shirt that has the collar pockets that allow you to place stays in them. And if you’re going to buy one of these high-quality men’s dress shirts, invest in some collar stays that aren’t plastic from the dry cleaners and stick out at inopportune times. It really does make the difference.

This may not be applicable to your situation, but is simply food for thought.

Oh, and when you take it to the cleaners, ask for heavy starch

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Shop in second-hand or consignment stores for a wide selection of styles and fabrics at ridiculously low prices.

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The link I posted in my first answer is the Land’s End men’s dress shirt non button-down collar, which I like better than the button down’s.

Land’s End Men’s dress shirtdress-shirts-ties-regular&origin=index

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@CWOTUS has the right idea. You can always find shirts with the tags still on them and they are so cheap! Have you heard the joke about the guy who took his shirts to good will instead of the laundry. He would go back in the next day and buy them back freshly laundered for a buck each!

Isn’t $50 a lot of dough for a plain old oxford shirt? If you want brand new shop the online outlets for LL Bean and Eddie Bauer, you can often find nice shirts for $14.99.

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