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Why am I always craving orange juice?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) August 9th, 2012

I’m always craving orange juice. I can’t seem to stop when I’ve already started and it’s as if every time I know it’s there, I jump at the chance to have it. But then I get really hyper.
I just got done drinking a pint and a half of just OJ. That’s 300% of my DV for vitamin C. And 55 grams of sugar.
I don’t know why, but I really want to drink another cup or two. It’s like cocaine to me… I just need another hit of OJ.

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Sounds like you enjoy getting hyper off of the sugar in the OJ.

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@_Whitetigress Heh maybe. I never really thought about it lately. All I know is that it’s never made me hyper until this time. I’ve craved orange juice for years. So, you know…

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Hm, well the mouth is easy to pleasure. Perhaps you have it really cold? And it just has this awesome refreshing feeling for you.

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Wait yes that must be it, it’s totally refreshing for you.

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@_Whitetigress Not refreshing enough. I just
always want it. It’s never really refreshing.
I’m usually lazy about everything (I thought about taping my PSP wire for three weeks before actually doing it. My mom had to threaten me to finish unpacking because the boxes were still lying around a week later), but when I want OJ and we have it in the house, I just drink about a half gallon of it in about three hours.

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I always want a burrito. At least it isn’t meth.

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@BBawlight You’re addicted. Your body is releasing endorphins from the sugar and you are not becoming emotionally (chemically) dependent. You should see a doctor or try to quit on your own. You can also be a candidate for overweight/obesity in the long term, followed by pre-diabetes, to diabetes, to insulin shots. Beware.

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@BBawlight : Do you do this with other drinks or sweet things? Might you have hypoglycemia?

Also, yes, diabetes is quite often preventable, and it blows, so don’t get it if you have a choice. I didn’t.

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Maybe you have a vitamin C deficiency. The body often craves what it needs.

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I have the same problem with orange juice! I won’t buy it since two summers ago I gained almost five pounds in the three months purely from drinking massive amounts of orange juice. I would buy the big gallon containers and drink two a week.

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Are you thirsty all the time? Are you not eating well? If you are hungry orange juice would give you the calories you need. If you are constantly thirsty you could be diabetic. If you are diabetic and keep drinking orange juice the results could be very very bad. I don’t think you are just craving vitamin C.

Or, you just like it.

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It sounds like a compulsive behaviour and not a healthy behaviour. I would talk to you doctor about it, or seek some advice from a psychologist. You need to break the pattern though.

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Orange juice is pretty much sugar water. People drink a gallon of soda a day. Or iced tea. Same thing. It’s sugar water and it will make you gain weight at best, and perhaps give you sugar issues, like hypoglycemia or diabetes, at worst.

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I don’t usually crave sweets, they make me sick so I don’t eat them. I despise anything creme filled like Twinkies, doughnuts, ect. They make me want to vomit and leave my mouth sticky.
I’m usually thirsty or hungry. But I can’t eat much because my stomach begins to ache at even a little bit of food sometimes. And I can’t drink water when I first wake up because it hurts my eyes. I usually drink 2% milk anyways.
Hope that helps with your answers.

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@BBawlight: Please get a test for diabetes at the doctor if you are able to.

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@BBawlight Of course you don’t want anything else sweet, you are already drinking tons of sugar. When I drank coca-cola all the time (same amount of sugar as OJ) I could care less about candy and desserts.

If you are having trouble eating, well, you are likely hungry and so the OJ provides calories. Meanwhile, OJ all day long does not a healthy diet make. You need to try to find some foods you can handle and eat a little more probably.

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@JLeslie I don’t usually get OJ. It’s usually a half-gallon every few months. But I’m always craving it. I don’t like to drink anything else besides milk and OJ. When I do get sweets, it always makes me so hyper I can barely listen to anything someone says and I receive it in large amounts. So I’m guessing it’s vitamin C deficiency.
@bookish1 I think that if I do have diabetes, I would be in a coma about now. My blood sugar would be way too high at times (see previous). But I might want to get tested just in case I’m wrong.

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@BBawlight Scientific studies have shown sugar dies not make people hyper. You could be the exception, but that idea is more of an old wives tail.

Are you very thin?

I doubt it is the C, but you certainly could take a C supplement. Our OJ probably says on the carton how much C is in it. I bet you can easily get that much C daily by taking a pill. Probably even just a regular multivitamin. Probably not a bad idea to take a multivitamin if you eating habits are so bad.

I think you should go to the doctor, have them test some basics like Vitamin D and B12, which are often low in people, I guess they can test C? I have never had it tested, but probably it can be. See if the biggies are in normal range. Also, check fasting blood sugar, electrolytes, maybe your thryoid. Again basics. Tell your doctor your symptoms when you eat. See if you can be better. Feel better. If you have already been to the doctor, what have they said, do you have a copyof recent blood work? What did they test? Anything abnormal?

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@JLeslie No, I’m medium. I’ve never been very thin before and don’t plan on it.
I probably have very low vitamin D because I very rarely see the sun. I get hyper only when I eat sugar. So I may be the exception.
No I haven’t been to the doctor, but I will.

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Let us know if the doctor discovers anything. Many doctors don’t test D nor thyroid, I suggest you ask for both.

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Good idea. I suppose that I should just get a full check so I know exactly what I’m missing… but I won’t like it. I detest needles of any sort.

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@BBawlight Let the phlebotomist know you aren’t good about needles. Ask for a butterfly needle if it is a few tubes of blood.

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@BBawlight: Not necessarily true. I was showing signs of diabetes for months, as well as drinking regular soda, before I was diagnosed, and I didn’t go into a coma.

Keeping my fingers crossed for your results !

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@BBawlight I agree with @bookish1. I think your doctor will automatically have your sugar tested. It will likely be within a panel ordered as a BMP or CMP. So all the tests are:

vitamin D (insist on this since you rarely go in the sun)
vitamin B12 (he might not feel this is necessary if you have no symptoms for dificiency)
Vitamin C (again I am not sure of this test)

You can bring the list and see what the doctor says. He might say something is not necessary and also want to add more of his own tests, but at least you will start becoming more knowledgable about your health. I don’t recommend just leaving it up to your doctor, although a lot of people criticize me for saying things like that.

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@JLeslie I agree. Your doctor doesn’t always know what your body needs. So I’ll try and get this tested.

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