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Asked by babygalll (2753points) June 2nd, 2008

What are your thoughts on Alli? Why has this form of weight loss become so popular? Has anyone ever tried it? How does it work?

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I’ve never heard of this miracle diet, but I have to agree with johnpowell – I’m just not ready to be back in diapers.

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@Hollister0221: Hi back at you!

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It is a lower dose of a prescription that prevents some of the fats you eat from being digested. Therefore, those fats pass through your digestive tract, often resulting in soft/loose bowel movements.

I’m sure there is an official website that explains it. And I’m sure the product’s instructions tell you to eat right and exercise while using the product in order to obtain optimal results.

I say, just eat right and exercise and do it the natural way. Of course, I’m about 70 lbs. overweight, so I know that it isn’t easy!

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[Fluther Moderator:] Great question, but please use a more descriptive title in the future. For example, you could have used: “Why is the Alli weight loss system so popular?” Just something to bear in mind for the future. Good luck!

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Sorry! I’ll keep that in mind.

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[Fluther Moderator:] No problem, it just helps with the search system and lets people know what your question is about without having to click on it. :) All the best.

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my thoughts? Its a disgusting way to lose weight. Exercise and eat healthy, do it the right way.. “pooing” in your pants is not the right way. And yes, a friend of mine tried it out and you really do that.

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I keep hearing about it. If people are pooping in their pants then how did they approve something like this?

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You don’t poop your pants unless you take it and then down a bunch of really awful food. The key to this is cutting your fat intake a lot and just using the Alli as a supplement. You can’t eat like you did and use Alli as a crutch, you’ll cramp and poop oil if you do.

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I’ve tried Alli and yes, it does work.

It’s a lipase inhibitor. Without lipase in your small intestine, fat cannot be broken down for digestion. So, it will come out the back door.

I’ll be honest, the “treatment” effects can be really yucky. What Alli does is “classical conditioning.” You can’t eat crappy, fatty foods with Alli, you’re basically forced into eating healthy, low-fat foods or suffer the ill effects.

If you can handle the treatment effects and are willing to change your diet (no relapses!) then Alli may work for you. But hey, I’m no doctor.

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Im curently taking ALLI, and like Seekingwolf said, it does force you to eat healthy foods., I put it to the test once, and ate a greasy taco, and i was amazied that all that grease flushed right out. Ive never had any ‘accidents’ and I like the fact that its FDA approved. I believe it will help me a great deal, along with excercise ofcourse.

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