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Which representative in California do I get in touch with to try and give forth an environmental idea?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 10th, 2012

I’m thinking Kehoe, but I’m not sure. Thanks!

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Rep George Miller is one of the strongest environmental champions in Congress. He represents the 7th District in the Bay Area. He’ll bemy rep. in January following re-districting.

Who is your representative?

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Probably your own rep.

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Find out what congressional district you are in; then contact your representative.

They have assistants read all mail from constituents and do send a form thank-you back. Don’t expect any personal contact.

Why not join a politically active group such as The Sierra Club? They have thirteen different chapters in CA alone. The club has a lot of clout because of the size of its membership, the power of its board and the size of its purse.

Here is their legislative lobbying arm in CA.

CA’s priority environmental issues.

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I suggest you contact as many organizations and political people as possible.

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