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Why has my dog been squirting?

Asked by kb12345 (429points) August 11th, 2012

I have a 3 year old pure German Shepard. He is a great dog besides the fact that every time anyone comes in the house (even our family) he will squirt a liquid (urine? maybe?) everywhere. It smells very fishy and he will smell it after. I’m not sure what this is since he is/has been trained since being a puppy… He never pees or poops in the house either. Only when he gets excited he squirts this mysterious liquid.

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Anal glands (that would explain the fishy smell).

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Talk to your vet about how to empty his anal glands.

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If he would be on a diet that creates more solid scat, theoretically they would empty when he empties and the problem would go away naturally. You might want to research BARF or a diet of real food. If you already have him a diet of real food, then yep, I would learn how to empty them myself or trot off to the vet. Youtube has some DIY lessons.

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I agree with everyone who’s posted thus far. It is his anal glands. You can learn to empty them yourself or have your vet (or even a well-trained/trusted dog groomer) do it.

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