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Nervous about getting my haircut. What should I do?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11085points) August 11th, 2012

I’ve been growing my hair out for two years after a bad cut (stylist put in layers galore). I’ve mostly worn it up because I’ve been growing out the layers (have longer layers now). I would like to get a proper cut/style, but I have no idea what I want, nor what would suite me. I have an appt. for a consultation this week. What should I say to the stylist? This is a different stylist, by the way.

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You can try this virtual makeover

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Ask lots of questions, then think of this: How would you like me to be your stylist? :)

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Years ago I went from hair past my waist to a very short style, To prepare I bought several hair style magazines, and concentrated on those styles where the model’s hair was described as similar to mine (straight and very fine), and her face shape was like mine. I was also looking for something that could be worn “wash and wear” since I don’t always have time for styling. When I consulted with the stylist and showed her the pictures (narrowed down to 3) she gave me a cut I loved and kept for several years. What is amazing about this is that she spoke almost no English, and I don’t speak Spanish, but I got the style I wanted.

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^^That is great advice.

The nice thing about hair is that it will grow out.

You know what a bad cut looks like. Start with the opposite. Layers were terrible? No layers. Bangs or no bangs? Long enough to catch in a clip or tuffy?

Check with your “people” for aesthetic counsel.

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I agree with @bewailknot and @gailcalled and I have had some horror hairdressing experiences. I am consequently always very anxious before letting a new hairdresser near my hair. I do as @bewailknot suggests. I take in photographs that clearly show what I want or hairstyles I like so we can talk about what will work with my hair type. Good luck. I hope it turns out beautifully.

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Do your research before you go. Find out what kind of cuts look good with your face-type and hair thickness. In addition, what is your lifestyle like? Do you have time in the morning to fuss around with your hairdo? If not, try to keep it simple and avoid time-consuming things like bangs. Whatever you do decide on doing, make sure you bring in several different examples to your stylist. Explain to him or her in great detail exactly what you want to have done, and use your visuals.
Of course always remember, hair does grow back! :)

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