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What's a popular strategy game that's new and Mac or ps3?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) August 11th, 2012 from iPhone

Looking to get into a good strategy game. Like the command and conquer red alert games from back when I was in middle school. I want it to be online multiplayer and have an active community? What’s the new thing? I have ps3 and a Mac.

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Well, consoles in general don’t do RTS games very often, and Macs don’t do games in general very well. And there are few WTS games period that have an active community. One of those few is, obviously, Starcraft 2, but aside from that, the RTS world has been pretty stagnant; there have been few RTS games released, and most of those are Windows-only and/or suck. People want MMORPGs and FPS games, not some third-person thinking game. So, finding a popular new RTS for Mac or PS3 really isn’t happening.

But my favorite is still around, and was popular enough that when Eidos stopped selling it, players petitioned, and Eidos allowed the source code to be released and development continued. The forums are still up, and people still love this game. You want level editors? Customizable units? Multiplayer? On a Mac? And you don’t want to pay for it?

Hop on over to Warzone 2100 and nab yourself a copy!

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Starcraft 2, as @jerv said is the RTS to get. It’s a tad pricey, but it’s worth every penny, IMO.

If you’re okay with turn-based strategy, though, the Civilization series is on mac as well, and they’re fantastic games.

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I have been playing BattleNations on OS X. It is Like Simcity with war. It is free but there is in app purchases. I have played for a few weeks and spent 6 bucks. Paying isn’t needed if you have patience.

It is in the app store.

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Seconding @DeanV about Civ. I haven’t even tried the newest one, 5, but the older ones can be bought for super cheap and are still great games.

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@DeanV Opinions vary. After playing Warzone, I regret ever having even heard of Starcrap, let alone buying it, even on sale. Is SC2 at least 537 times better than the original, or is it just more 300-action-per-minute players Zerg-rushing all?

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@jerv It is more 300APM players in multiplayer. In fact, it’s even faster than SC1, but It does have an absolutely fantastic campaign, however, and some really excellent tutorials to hop into that relatively easily. Really, though, for $50 the singleplayer alone is worth it, even if you never hop into MP.

I’ve been playing a lot of Wargame: European Escalation, which is absolutely fantastic, but I don’t think it’s available for mac.

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@DeanV I didn’t like the single-player mode either. Maybe it’s just my thing about custom units, or my love of level editors. But to each their own.
Still, I think anybody who likes RTS games should at least try Warzone 2100. Besides, it’s free, so if you don’t like it, you really didn’t lose anything!

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Guys! Thanks for all the answers I’m going to look into Starcraft.

Just FYI, I am not sure if you guys thought I meant free. It does not need to be free. I’ll pay.

Starcraft 2 seems 2 years old. Is that still the Most active?

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@DrewJ I can’t speak for Warzone 2100, but in my findings Starcraft 2 is really the only consistently active RTS out for Mac or PC at the moment.

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I figured you were willing to pay; I just thought that Free was a bonus. If you ever bought something and wound up not liking it (like I did with Starcraft), not having wasted money is a good thing. But you could buy SC2 and try WZ2100 for free anyways.

While Warzone is still active, it is nowhere near as active as a game that has been adopted as a national sport, paying top players thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands!) to play televised matches.

Maybe I misunderstood your definition of “good”. For me, popularity doesn’t figure into it; I value things like features and quality, and find that most of the games that are popular are between “meh” and crap, with few exceptions like Gran Turismo and Deus Ex.

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