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Do you know of any stories where it's been rumored that the boss was revealed on Undercover Boss?

Asked by jca (35898points) August 11th, 2012

I am watching Undercover Boss marathon on my DVR. Sometimes it appears as if the employees are either too nice or speak too frankly in their interactions with the “undercover boss.” Have you heard any rumors about the undercover boss being found out ahead of the big reveal?

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I haven’t heard that. But, remember, the people know they are being filmed, that part is not a secret. Sometimes I was amazed at how horrific some of the employees were on that show. Did you see the Hooters episode? That one manager? I would have fired him on the spot, show or no show. And, all too often people are awful at training. Disrespectful, no real guidance. But, the majority of the shows are great! The employees are so often amazing, and I hate many of them are paid practically nothing. That show only reinforces my feelings about better pay for people at the lower levels who work so hard.

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