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When will Amazon start to collect sales taxes in California?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10137points) August 12th, 2012

As I recall, California passed a law to require Amazon and other “etailers” to collect sales taxes on internet sales. Amazon sued to stop this, but both parties settled out of court and agreed to delay putting the law into effect until sometime around September 1 this year. With this date coming up soon, I think we would have heard more in the news about this, but so far I’ve heard nothing. Does anyone know if there has been some other subsequent agreement? Another delay?

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Looks like on 15 September the tax kicks in unless the feds pass similar legislation which could delay it until January 2013.

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On the plus side for Californians since Amazon can’t avoid the tax man anymore, they’re building two new fufillment centers in SF and LA, which means same-day shipping is now definitely a possibility for SoCal and the Bay area.

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