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What is the best iPhone case?

Asked by dennyj (4points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

iPhone cases

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the best…is whichever you like the best…please restate the question

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I personally think this one

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I need one I keep droping it.

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@ TrenchMouth
That one looks awesome…All I have is a simple leather case.
But after seeing this I might change to it.

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you should check out the line griffin has for the iphone, realy nice protection stuff

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This looked cool. But it might not be the best case.

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I don’t know the name of the brand, because, well, I don’t pay much attention to them but I use a leather one and it keeps it 100% free of scratches on the back. It’s also much better than the plastic ones because with those it’s hard to hit the ‘Home’ button because the plastic covers it up so much. Plastic cases are for heavy-duty protection, bulky and difficult. The leather cases are pretty decent looking and they never restrict me from my grip.

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Personally, I like the plastic films that you apply directly to the phone. Since I am only worried about scratches, the plastic does just the thing: not only is it scratch resistant (I’ve tried scratching it myself USING MY OWN PHONE), but it also preserves the sleek design and it’s slim portability (I can just slip it into my pocket and I’m good to go). Also, it improves your grip on the phone and makes cleaning the entire thing a breeze (you just have to wipe the entire thing with any cloth. You dont have to worry about scratching the chrome trim).

I use NLU’s BodyGuardz. It’s practically invisible. Whenever I hand it to my friends for the first time, they usually dont even notice it.

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Wow, I’ve never heard of sleek plastic. That’s cool!

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Incase Slider Case. It adds virtually no mass and really protects the iPhone from damage. Not to mention, it looks very sleek and shiny.

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I agree with trenchmouth. I have had many, this has been the best and has offered the best protection. Dropped many times, but has been well protected. One complaint, the clear plastic shows scratches, but these are scratches that would have been on the phone has the case not been there.

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This one has prevented me from dropping my iPhone at least a dozen times:

It is rubber and grips the dash of my car and stays in my pocket perfectly. It is tough too. Since I put it on I have not dropped the phone once.

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invisible shield comes with a lifetime warranty. I just put one on my iPhone and immediately ordered one for my iPod

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The rubberized ones are good protection, you just cant get them in and out of your pockets easily (sometimes it can be a huge struggle if your pants are a little snug) . If you plan on putting your phone in your pocket, stay with a smooth hard plastic.

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