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Sharp Stomach pains?

Asked by trypaw (332points) August 12th, 2012

Hello, I am a 21 year old female 95lbs. Latley I have been having some intense sharp pains in my stomach and abdomen area. They sometimes go to my lower back and are all over my stomach area into my ribs. I get these sharp pains sometimes when I have not eaten in a couple hours and when I eat the pain gets worse. It almost makes me unable to walk so I must lay down or sit. I also get very gassy after I eat anything, so I tried some gas medicine but that doesn’t help. Along with tums, or pepto bismol. I find some relief by laying on my stomach and my bank with a acupuncture mat (plastic spikey thing you lay on) But it returns if I get up too soon. Laying down and sleeping also relieves the pain. Does anyone have a idea what this might be? Happens always at night for the past week now.

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I’d also like to add. I was on antibiotics from May to middle July. For a bad UTI. I haven’t had them in weeks. but is it still possible they killed something good off in my body and that’s why I am having this pain?

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Have you talked to a doctor? That would be the first suggestion. Antibiotics can really mess with the good bacteria in your gut. Have you tried probiotics?
Another issue could be enzymes. I have found that bromalane helps me digest protein without as much of the gassy pain.

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Do you have diarrhea or constipation? Do you feel better if you have a bowel movement?

Are the pains mostly on your right right behind your breast or slightly lower?

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@jleslie I do not have diarrhea or constipation I’m very regular. And I never have to use the bathroom when I’m having these pains their usually late at night. And no they aren’t in one specific spot. Its literally all over my abdomen and ribs and lower back at times.

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@Judi I am going to make a appointment but I can’t get one probably till the end of the month.

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I also stopped my Birth control pill about 2 weeks ago. I am not sexually active but could it be a side affect?

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Sounds like for some reason you having some sort of spasm. Muscle or an intesting twist or something. I don’t believe it is related to your antibiotics.

I’m not a doctor, if it were me I would probably wait and see if it went away in a few days, but that is not advice, that is just me tending to avoid a doctor the first few days something is going wrong to see if it goes away.

I think it’s good you make an appointment, so if it keeps up you have one.

If you get a fever, or start throwing up I would consider reason to go to the emergency room.

Again, I am not a doctor.

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I don’t think it is the BC pills.

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To be honest abdominal pain could be just about anything – due to the way the nervous system is wired up the brain is very poor at localising the exact area it comes from (this is the reason people with chest pain complain of in the left arm).

There have been reports of people developing IBS after a course of antibiotics although its pretty rare. There is also a condition called abdominal migraine. It’s exactly like it sounds, sudden severe abdominal pain although again not that common. However this is definately something I would want to speak to a doc about.

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You say you feel it in your back sometimes? Is it on the sides or in the middle? I’m thinking possibly kidney stones.

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Don’t screw with abdominal pain. The end of the month is too long to risk. Go to a walk in clinic.

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@Mariah yes in my lower back and lower sides. But I think it has something to do with eating as that’s when it always happens. I have no pain now because Ive been eating all day and not letting my stomach be anywhere close to empty. lol.

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Definitely don’t wait til the end of the month. What you describe sounds very like the symptoms I had, when I had a perforated stomach ulcer. I went to the doctor and within 24 hours I was having emergency surgery. Mine was caused by a reaction to an antibiotic, and it concerns me that you’ve been on antibiotics recently too.

Go to your doctor TOMORROW and if you can’t do that, get yourself to an emergency clinic.

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I agree with @downtide abdominal pain such as you are describing should be seen quickly by a physician as there are many possible diagnoses that produce this constellation of symptoms. Some are serious and some much less so, but only a doctor can decide. I would go to the emergency room. Some conditions that result in severe abdominal pain can NOT wait a month (or even a day). This includes things like ectopic pregnancy, appendicitis, perforated bowel or stomach, etc. These can’t wait . . .

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Well I really don’t have time for a doctor for at least a week with my work schedule, and I’m not having any pain right now so I don’t want to go to the e.r. I don’t know what to do. I’m really hoping its just bad gas because I expel a lot of gas when these pains happen. Its just that they hurt so much. I have no vomiting or blood or dizziness. I feel fine. And if I lay down when having pain its like its not even there. I really don’t think its too serious, well that’s what I am hoping at least.

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When was the last time you had your woman’s time? I would bet you haven’t had it since quitting the BC pills.

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@filmfann the first of this month and I quit the bc a couple days before the first.

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@filmfann she just stopped the pills two weeks ago. She’ll probably get her period in two weeks. Unless she was on the pill for an irregular cycle, that’s a different story.

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Did you take acidophilus pills to replace the good bugs in your stomach after your anti-biotics?

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My brother had similar symptoms, which turned out to be gall bladder problems.

This sounds nasty enough to ignore any well-meaning but perhaps misguided advice from us and head immediately to your doctor’s.

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Are you on a diet where you are eating too little or food that is high on gas, or too little in nutrients?
I ask this because you say you are 21 and weigh 95 lbs. If you have always been naturally thin it may be that you simply need to eat more because you burn your food a lot. If this is unusual than your thyroids may have a problem.
Either way, go to a doctor and find out the solution, unless you know your diet is lousy.

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Did your doctor check you after your course of antibiotics to make sure the UTI had cleared? Lower back and sides just sounds like kidneys to me. It can be a lot of things. I really hope you can find the time to go to a doctor. Your health needs to be the most important thing.

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I think if the OP was originally symptomatic for her UTI, that if the antibiotics didn’t punch out the infection, she would become symptomatic again.

Also, tummy upset from antibiotics usually causes diarrhea, which she is not having a problem with. UTI’s are typically treated with very short term antibiotics now, although sometimes 7–10 days is still prescribed. Although, I guess it could make her gassy, which can cause pain all over. Have you been having bubbles?

However, kidney problems are a serious problem if that is your problem, which I still doubt, but, I think if you ask the doctor if you can just come in right away to pee in a cup and get it quick tested, you can rule that out immediately, and still keep your appointment with the doctor in a couple weeks.

Gall bladder does frequently cause back pain, which someone mentioned above, that is why I asked if your pain was mostly right side behind the breast area.

Have you been exercising a lot? A new exercise routine?

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Let me clarify, gall bladded pain is usually the upper right front, and can radiate to the back, but it can also be felt in other parts of the torsoe, but most people describe it as upper right and so bad they are panicked with pain. Most women describe it as worse than labor. Usually it happens after eating, but can be random. Anyway, that can be checked with an ultrasound for gall stones.

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Sounds like stomach acid. Banana and ginger ale soda then plenty of water in your diet there after. Water helps maintain your Ph Balance. Avoid deep fried foods. Try and avoid processed foods as much as possible.

This may be going on inside of you right now

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It sounds like it could be a gall bladder problem or ulcers. @Lightlyseared is right. Presenting a doctor with ‘abdominal pain’ is so vague they need to do much more to figure out what is wrong. Pain in the abdomen can even present with a pinched back nerve, simply because pain in this area is so vague. Generally speaking, lower back and gut pain sounds like a kidney issue. Upper right, just under the rib cage is gall bladder. The fact that it seems to revolve around your stomach being empty or not makes me think that your stomach flora is messed up at the very least.

You could have a very irritated stomach lining, which is a side effect for some people after taking certain antibiotics. Especially in people with weakened immune systems. Go see a doctor as soon as possible. Eat as bland and easy food as possible. Nothing fried. Noodles, oatmeal, that sort of thing. Where ever you got those antibiotics needs to know that you reacted this way to them, if this is, indeed related to that, so don’t self treat. OK?

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My thought is gall bladder problems too. You should see a Dr. Gall stones can lead to blockages in the bile duct or pancreas. The pain as @JLeslie suggested is excruciating. It can come on after eating and then go away again. I wouldn’t wait. If you have a blockage in your pancreas it could cause serious damage. You don’t want your pancreas damaged. Work will wait your health may not.

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I’m a 23 year old female and it sounds like you have the same issue I do. I don’t think it has anything to do with your weight because I weigh 155 and I’m also 4½ months pregnant with my second child. I’ve been having pains like this at random since I was 14 or 15. What happens to me is that I start to get hungry and from that point on I have about 25–40 minutes to eat something or IT STARTS. Once it gets to a certain point of pain all I can do is wait it out. This actually happened to me yesterday. We had to wait about 40 minutes to get into Olive Garden and by the time we got to eat I was in such paralyzing pain I couldn’t eat a bite. I usually force myself to eat something, so I had some bread and a bite or two of salad. Then I had to stop. The pain is so unbearable that I don’t want to breathe. If I do take a deep breath its like a sward has been jabbed through me from one side to the other. The pain lasted from 5 in the afternoon until about 1 AM. Tylenol doesn’t satisfy the pain Neither does Tums. I can’t take anything strong because I am pregnant at the moment. I don’t think it stops unless I sleep it off, and even then.. the next day I either have a little gas or my stomach is twitchy. If this is anything that sounds like what you have I DEFINITELY do not think it’s because of antibiotics. I never had antibiotics anywhere before having these pains. I’m not saying we have the same exact thing but it sounds like we do. I’m a fairly healthy person. I rarely drink soda or junk like that. Honestly I thought I was the only one that had this. I just figured it was something I had to live with. I’ve told a few Dr.s about it and they just said “huh… That’s odd”. I guess next time it happens I’ll go to the E.R. Maybe they will take me seriously if i’m there while it’s in progress. I hope this helps. Let me know if you get any info.

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@Mystique317 I agree, what you are saying is the exact problem I experience. I went to the doctor and they checked my blood, everything turned out fine. They told me to take prilosec 2x a day (which I sort of listen to) but I try to eat every 3–4 hours and I don’t get these pains. But if I do go too long it turns out just like you say! Wow I cannot believe either that we are having such a similar issue. I hope it gets figured out! I have these pains usually 2–3 nights per week. It always occurs at night and is gone by when I wake up.Strange! Sometimes I think about going to the E.R. too if they are really bad, but I never have time. E.R here usually takes 8–9 hours here for them to figure anything out. Let me know if you get any more info too, I am more than sick of these pains!

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Sometimes I think maybe it is because of my stomach being so hungry, it produces so much acid it hurts very badly. Then when I eat the acid chews up the food so much and so fast it causes me to experience even more pain. This is only my theory however. It sounds good, but for it happening for such a long time, I’m not sure.

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I have a similar problem… Mine usually happens in times of great stress and I’ve been told that its my body telling me to stop and let it catch up with me for a min. by a doctor. it normally only lasts for 20 to 30 min. but during that time i cant move or sit up i have to lie down . You seem to be a busy bee like myself . you may try to just get some extra rest, take a multivitamin, and try to eat as healthy as possible and drink plenty of water.

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