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Man shot in the right temple of the head handcuffed in the backseat, how is this possible?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) August 12th, 2012

Here is the story

There is some sort of controversy going on with this story. I’m wondering about the physical aspect of this. How likely is it that this person shot himself in the head in your opinion?

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I honestly don’t know how unless he was a contortionist.

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If he wasn’t shot (that’s a big if), I wonder if he was trying to get the gun from where he’d hid it to hide in the cop car, but with cuffs on while he was leaning over it went off accidentally.

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The article says the dash cam supports the suicide theory. I would like to see that footage.

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If he’s handcuffed in the front, I imagine he could easily acquire a gun out of his pocket, point it upwards towards his head, and then have the bullet exit via his temple. I don’t know the specifics of how it worked, but perhaps the bullet exited via his temple rather than entered there?

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you can tell which way a bullet entered. the side with the big hole is the exit side.

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The police cam didn’t pickup the shooting. There were two police cars and they were parked trunk to trunk, according to this.

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All I can say after reading the link in the OP and the one @bkcunningham provided is that if those cops searched this guy twice, handcuffed him, and he was still able to draw a hidden weapon and shoot himself without them even hearing the gunshot, they are the sorriest excuses for cops I have ever heard of. If everything they say is true, they need to be fired and never rehired in a job protecting the public, because they are completely incompetent at it. If it is all false, which seem far more likely, then they probably need to stand trial for murder 1.

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I agree with @ETpro. One of the articles stated the dashcam footage did not capture the final moments of Carter’s life, but it would still be helpful to see the video. Wouldn’t you still be able to hear a gunshot inside of a car? These cops weren’t very observant, shouldn’t they have been keeping an eye on the suspect in the car at all times? How can they not notice that he was dead until they were inside the car? Plus, the article said he was shot in the right temple and he was left handed. The police chief says it’s really easy to shoot yourself in the head while handcuffed, but if you’re left handed and shot yourself in the right temple, how is this possible? Especially if your hands are behind your back. I suppose it might depend on how loose the cuffs are and if you’re able to escape from them or if you’re cuffed with those ties. I’d love to see some backup supporting his claim of how this is possible. One of those lab techs or crime analysts that work with the police would probably know more about this info than we would. There has to be something else to this story someone is not revealing. Media leaves out important details of a story all the time.

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Those new exploding dental implants, naturally.~

I suppose that it is not beyond possibility for him to have concealed an especially small .22 revolver. I am not sure that they wouldn’t have found it on the body.

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I don’t know the whole story, but I am suspicious of the suicide idea. Given past history, my gut feeling is that the police did the shooting and there is some cover-up going on.

But I see this as similar to the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida – black guy gets killed and no one really cares. Black lives appear to be cheap.

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Law Enforcement agencies & police officers do not seem to be interested in “Serving & Defending” the public. They seem to think that they are allowed to be judge, jury, & executioner. Racism appears to be running rampant thru Law Enforcement agencies & too many police officers are willing to shoot first & (maybe) ask questions later. Unfortunately for the public that they are supposed to be protecting & defending, I tend to agree with @elbanditoroso & @AshlynM . Law Enforcement agencies are far too busy with profiling our non-white Americans & it seems to be, that being non-white can be a death sentence. And being white can get you killed just as dead if a SWAT team gets the wrong address on a ‘drug raid’.

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@elbanditoroso @Linda_Owl I’d have to agree with what you are saying. “Black lives appear to be cheap” Totally agree. It makes me wonder why this story isn’t blown up by the media. Maybe if it happened in Colorado? And the “suicide” victim was white? I don’t know. It sucks that this guy dies in the back seat media doesn’t blow this story up because it’s ruled suicide so media eats it up for the most part yet the “suspect shooter” in Colorado recently has tons of headlines talking about how he is just “mentally ill” and leads to him needing “help” and he’s no longer a monster but a beautiful little white creature who can learn the right ways still. The media is over!

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