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Why is always Russia to blame in real life?

Asked by dimitri685 (74points) August 13th, 2012

I have seen many news condemning Russia as the bad guy in politics and in general like the South Ossetia War when Russia retaliated because Georgia attacked first and then was blamed for the war even though Georgia attacked first. And in movies and media, Russians are nearly the bad guys. Why is the western media so Russo-phobic?

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Samuel Huntington would argue that the anti-Western forces in Russia won the internal struggle.

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Now come on, don’t be russian into making harsh accusations ;¬}

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Because they tend to side with oppressive forces, like Assad in Syria.

And the South Ossetia war Georgia was the aggressor but in response to Russia’s political moves into Ossetia to deny native Georgian’s rights. Lots of conflicting blame in that case.

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Why is the western media so Russo-phobic?

The Cold War has made it part of western culture to fear Russia.

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You’re mixing two things up.

Russia-phobia and Russia not behaving like a civilized country

Russia has for the last 75 years been a “bad boy” in the sense that most of the world wants a better and more peaceful planet, and Russian foreign policy has been to back the opponent of the day, which is generally the one that is opposed to peace and calm. Apparently Russian foreign policy is to make trouble so that they can sell their weapons and their influence. In the years after Gorbachev, this changed a little, but with Putin in charge for the last 12 years, Russia has gotten back to its old ways. Which is sad, because it COULD do so much good.

As for Russia phobia – I don’t think that anyone is scared of Russia, in any serious sense. What I do think is that Russia has a history of being untrustworthy and acting in a way which is counter-productive to peace and calm. So most countries see Russia as unstable and not a good partner. Does that make Russia scary? No. But it also doesn’t make Russia a warm and cuddly ally.

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Cold war sentiment. I know older men in the military who still use the word communist to describe people in a serious manner.

You have these older people that lived in a different time and they can’t get out of that mode.

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Here comes my blame of the baby boomer generation again, but isn’t part of it because at least in the US during the cold war the US was against the Russians? It seems like the Russians are an “enemy” we understand and are used to, while with the new countries that we are against are unknown? We don’t know what to do to combat them.

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I’ve been reminded of the danger of generalizing by several people. It’s not my intent to insult, but I did, so I’m sorry!

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I thought the Middle East was the current bad guy.

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So did the US. See Hussein, Mubarak, Pahlavi, and Bin Laden.

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Meh, I just find it amusing that Georgia lost their navy to Russia’s army.

aside from that, Russia is hardly the only “bad” boy on the block, several nations have plenty of blood on their hands, most of those in a similar manner as Russia.

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@ragingloli I am not saying the US is blameless; the question was why do people blame Russia?

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Well US did more wars than Russia did but the latter still gets blamed

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The russians will be blamed untill they’d have the ‘Russian empire’ idea in their heads. Empires die in pain, better to let former provinces leave in peace. Like Great Britain, France, Spain and so on did.

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