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Have you ever known someone personally with this kind of talent?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42290points) August 13th, 2012

My daughter was a level 10 gymnast at one point (which is just below “Elite” which is what the Olympian gymnasts are rated.) She was amazing…so is This guy

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That’s hysterical.

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The talent it takes to be that bad is amazing! That would have been a better way to word the question.

THAT BETTER MODS??? It just occurred to me…I could have SO MUCH FUN with the next question that needs editing! Just wait! Muhaaaaa!

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I really love that guy!

I’m totally bragging on my own daughter, here, but… my youngest is apparently a natural in gymnastics and she has the potential for that kind of talent. Which scares me. Oh, the cost and all those hours training, egads! Seriously though, her coach brags on her to the older girls, to the other head coach, and to me. All the time. She’s fearless and would climb the wall if he asked her to. And he really puts her through her paces and works her a lot harder than you would imagine for a 6 year old. She simply amazes me with what she can do!

I’m done bragging now, sorry.

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Keep on braggin’. And if she loves it, do what it takes. Yeah. My daughter…6 days a week. Everyday after school AND Saturday’s. Not to mention meets out of state. If you can support it, do it. The only thing I regret is…apparently Jen’s, my daughter’s, foot bones are foobarred from the aerials and the flips and all the punishment. She doesn’t seem to regret it, but I do.

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She says she wants to be an Olympic gymnast…. MEDIC!!!!

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No shit, @WillWorkForChocolate. Wait till you walk in to pick her up from practice and she’s doing aerials…on that 4 inch balance beam. And usually nails them. INSURANCE!!!

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My freshman year of college I lived on the same floor as the world jump rrope champion. no joke – they exist! She was always jumping rope!

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I was a level 9 gymnast when I quit. My body says I should’ve quit sooner, but it’s great to have the skills.

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My mum was a champion gymnast until she had to retire due to injury.

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With regard to your comment in the zen thread, you asked the question, I answered it explaining how I felt about the video. I did state that he was funny and good, but nope, it still bothers me.

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We can discuss it here @rooeytoo. I was hoping you’d show up! I didn’t want to post on Zen’s 10K thread, so explain it to me again. I don’t understand why you’d find it offensive?

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