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Smartphone camera vs DSLR camera?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4372points) August 13th, 2012

Can you list a couple pros and cons for each?

I’m at the point in my life where lugging around a dslr for leisure time just isn’t cutting it out. With the abundance of applications on smartphones that can simulate great textures on the photographs I don’t see why shooting 18megapixels is worth it, plus transferring the data to computer, then editing. Have you ever felt this way?

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Non-DSLR cameras are fine for casual shooting. But what really sells the SLR platform, I think, is the array of available lenses and features like shutter speeds. I don’t know if DSLRs have adjustable shutter speeds.
I tried photographing my sister’s commencement with one of those little pocket cameras – a decent device in its own right – and was disappointed at the quality (from sixty feet away). I would have traded it for something with a proper telephoto lens in a heartbeat.

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I have a similar experience as @Nullo. I use my iPhone camera all the time, the quality is superb, and perfect for snapshots.

But for special events or being tourist I use my Nikon DSLR. I could not use my iPhone for my daughter’s graduation, or when she played soccer. And it is perfect for getting candids from a distance with a long lens.

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I just read that the best camera for the job is the one you have with you. In that case, my iPhone. And I have taken some amazing pics with it! Not as good as with my Canon, but I didn’t have my Canon with me! For apps, I love Dynamic Color and Color Splash.

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The lens makes all the difference in the potential quality of the shot.
So, whether or not a smartphone camera is good enough totally depends on what you want the pictures for. For internet posting a phone or tablet camera with a lens like a gumdrop, can be surprisingly competent.
For print publication or any ‘artistic’ composition you are going to need the bigger glass.

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I use a Sony NEX-5N which is a mirror-less DSLR type of camera. It is half the size of a DSLR because it does not have the mirror mechanism. The sensor is gigantic relative to a cell phone camera sensor. Size matters here. Everything looks really sharp, and it is way more sensitive to light so I can shoot in low light with no flash.

I still make a conscious choice when I am out and about – do I need a quick snapshot with my iPhone, or will my Sony do a better job?

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