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Best songs you have heard at a wedding?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) June 2nd, 2008

What are the best songs to play at a wedding both fast and slow. Ones that make you want to dance!

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Bust a Move

Can I Have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life

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The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond

at a Scottish wedding.

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One of my friend’s sister just got married and we had the same conversation for her wedding. I believe we made a list, which I can’t find right now, but I believe Rascal Flats played a big role at her wedding. Doesn’t really make you want to dance though. What genre do you like?

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More than a feeling—Boston

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the chicken dance is always hip :)

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@ wizard – did you see they found their new lead singer from a you tube video? They guy was a Home Depot worker.

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@ seVen – I met people in San Fransisco who had never polkaed. Ever.

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into the mystic

Really good
go listin to it

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@Bri—That’s the first I’ve heard about Boston since…forever.

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yeah me to. For instance, I had no idea their lead singer committed suicide.

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We had the Hawaiian Wedding Song sung at our wedding. Our first dance together afterwards was to our song, Always and Forever.

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I will Always Love You by Whitnney Houston

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@PnL: Hilarious. :)

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Always Loveshack. Always.

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@PnL: very VERY funny. Boy I don’t know how they ever got along.

@ ezraglenn: definately Loveshack TINROOF! rusted.

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@ Rich and Bri – I am glad you guys enjoyed it. And honestly, I feel a couple that can have such a good sense of humor on wedding day and be so carefree will probably last longer (or at least lead a happier life!).

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No doubt at all!

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@ butlers – who sung “into the mystic” ? wallflowers? van morrison? colin james? or maybe the better question is, which rendition are you talking about.

@ Wizard – i like the song by Boston…thanks!

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Today by the smashing pumpkins

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Angels Crossing by Tom Grant

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True Companion

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off the subject, but i requested auld lang syne (or whatever it is) at my friends birthday in july… i thought that would’ve been a good song, but the dj guy wouldn’t play it…

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I think Total Eclipse of the Heart
Bonnie Tyler

Especially the version the dude was singing in “Old School”. Throwing in those foul words and all. That was hilarious! That rocked!

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The best and most original song I heard was at my best friends’ wedding. Their first song was from the film ‘The Wedding singer’ (Adam Sandler) and it was ’ I wanna grow old with you’. Adam sings it to Drew Barrymore; I thought it was beautiful.

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” If you don’t know me by now….you will never never never know me…whoowhoohoowhooo.” That song had everyone at my sisters wedding reception dancing slowing and romantically with some guest!

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