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Anyone else have a preferance of standing up over sitting down?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) August 14th, 2012

It’s strange, most people have commented.
I feel more comfortable standing, than I do sitting down. For example, when I’m around the house, I tend to stand behind a chair, or stand next to the armpiece, or just leaning against the wall…
Of course if I visit someone’s house, and it’s a formal visit than I do sit down, (wishing I could be standing).
I remember when I was younger, we went to visit a family friend, and everyone was sitting down, and the guy said “Sit down then MilkyWay…” with a smile, and I politely said “I’m okay, I like standing.”
Anyone else feel this way? Any thoughts on why this is?

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Nope. I’ll take a seat.

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Yes, I share your preference for standing. We spend so much time sitting in modern society—at desks, in cars, et cetera—that I will take any opportunity to balance it out by standing.

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Not me. I’m a sitter. Do you feel anxious? Like you want to be ready to leave?

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@marinelife Nope. I’m like that at home. My mum gets annoyed with me sometimes, just because I won’t sit down without getting told to whilst in the room.

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No, I prefer sitting. Although I like to get up once in a while and walk around to stretch my legs.

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No way, there is a saying that I like to go by: Done walk when you can stand, dont stand when you can sit, dont sit when you can laydown, and dont laydown when you can sleep.
simple as that.

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@psyonicpanda how do you sleep then, if you don’t lie down?

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I spend anywhere from five to fourteen hours per day on my feet at work; I sit when the opportunity presents itself.

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I’m mostly in some type of yoga position around the house lol
Sitting is extremely unhealthy. Keep standing @MilkyWay!

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I usually feel that way when I’m on the phone. I cannot sit and talk. I have to be walking around.

I don’t feel the need to stand most of the time, no.

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I prefer sitting too, but my boyfriend always prefers standing. It bothers me because, we’ll be at a bar or at a family event, and I’ll ask him to sit down so I can talk to him face to face, and with better eye contact. but he always responds “i like standing” occasionally he’ll sit for several minutes, then he’s back to standing.
I have heel spurs, so my feet really hurt when i stand too long. I’ve known him for 3 years and he’s always preferred standing over sitting

so your not that wierd, i have a friend too that sometimes likes to stand. my boyfriend and friend of mine is 6ft tall, im 5’3 so maybe its something to do with height?

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No, I’ve never even considered this haha. I get so tired when I stand too long, I would rather walk than stand, but I would rather sit than stand too. I don’t really like to stand still. If I have to be still, I prefer sitting and if I have to stand up, I prefer moving. I feel the same way as @Mama_Cakes when it comes to the phone.
But if you prefer standing, then just stand. There’s no rule that you have to sit down. Or actually there probably is, but anyway.

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I prefer hammocks. But if I have a choice between a rugged wooden chair and standing it all comes down to the occasion. I’m pretty sure taking a seat would win overall.

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I’d be surprised if some smart arse relative has never said “Sit down, you’re making the place look untidy”
I mean, why do people say that?
I prefer to be on the move most of the time, although I am sitting right now as I type….obviously.

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I sit down every chance I get. For awhile I even had a stool in my kitchen to sit on while I fixed meals and rinsed the dishes. I don’t do that now that my cholesterol and high blood pressure have been controlled. However, I am still unhealthy due to not enough exercise, and I am working on getting up more.

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I definitely don’t have that problem. I’m a sitter-downer – really not fond of standing around at all/

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Sometimes. Though, I usually prefer to sit on the floor, rather than a couch or a chair.

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I would prefer to sit but I have seen a number of news stories about research that shows the benefits of standing more. So, keep standing!

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I’d rather sit.

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I’d rather stand, especially during school days when I have to sit all day then go home and sit down and do homework. I need to stand around and do things.
Or I could do my homework on a treadmill desk

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Lol! Guess it is a bit weird…
@Dazed_and_Confused I think you might be onto something there, I’m 5’8”, tall for a girl… so… there may be some truth in your theory :)

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I used to do a lot of standing when I was a teenager. I had 5 younger siblings & I was always taking care of them, so I rarely had time to sit down. I used to stand in front of the sink to wash the dishes (this was before dishwashers) & I used to stand on one foot with the other foot on the side of my knee (sort of like a stork). I was very tall & very thin & I could run very fast – so I was rarely still. Unfortunately, age has now caught up with me & I do very little standing anymore.

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It’s the other way around for me! lol

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Depends on the situation.

At work, I try to get up and walk every half-hour or so. To refill my water bottle, to visit a coworker, to the restroom. Just because I know how bad sitting is all day.

If we have company at the house, I’m always standing and moving. Getting drinks, serving food, cleaning up. Unless I’m eating at the the table, I’m moving.

If it’s just my wife, daughter, and I – chilling after work, I’ll mostly sit on the couch and watch tv. That being said, if someone wants a snack or a drink, I’m always the first one up to get it.

So I can see where you’re coming from.

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“Looming” That’s what it is when all the others are seated and that one person “looms”...over the others. It can be viewed as unsociable or a superior position to the others or an indicator that the loomer is not comfortable being with the others. Just sit your ass down already, unless your piles are acting up again.

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Some food or drink motivates me to sit down. I prefer standing most of the times. I am also told to sit down many times. My earlier work required me to stand most of the time (average 12 hours a day). I worked standing for some years, and now I am used to it. If I sit for long, I feel drowsy. Then, I stand up, stretch out my legs, or take a walk around.

I would advise you to stand until you want to. I have seen many people who do sedentary work, and then they suffer obesity and related disorders. And, if you have to sit down, then stroll around for five minutes every hour or so. Or do walking exercise; one should walk at least for 30 minutes a day.

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I feel more alive when I’m standing up while everyone else is sitting down. I also enjoy public speaking – have you considered perhaps pursuing a career linked with that?

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@fremen_warrior I wanna be a lawyer haha!

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@MilkyWay I’ve created a monster xD

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@fremen_warrior I’ll take that as a compliment :P

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