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What is wrong with my guts?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10191points) August 14th, 2012

For nearly a week and a half I’ve had a rumbling in my lower abdomen. I am not experiencing any sort of pain or discomfort. I suspect a few different meals that might have caused this… a fried dish on a nearly empty stomach in an already anxious state, left over pizza with an anchovie on top, and Almond-milk ice cream, all eaten within 12 hours of each other.

But regardless of what caused this, it has not responded to a few days of Pepcid AC, or Pepto Bismol tabs, or Alka Seltzer. Today I am fasting to see what happens, and so far it is working. There is still some small disturbance but it is not nearly as pronounced as it has been.

I am starting school soon, and imagine that there could be an element of anxiety here.

My blood pressure, and other vitals are all perfectly normal, and I feel happy, and fit.

Should I be overly concerned? When should I make an appt. with a doctor? Should I try a Prilosec OTC regimen for a couple weeks and see how that goes?

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Try meditation, eating sensibly and slowly and skipping anchovy pizzas for a while.

A safe meal for a day or so is white rice, white chicken (boiled) lettuce and tea. A safe breakfast is tea and oatmeal with a few raisins.

You are much too young to take Prilosec.

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I do not understand why you would use prilosec.

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I was going to suggest eating yogurt with active cultures. I think @gailcalled‘s suggestions are spot on.

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So these symptoms are not worth troubling myself, (of course you are not my doctors, I know)...

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Not a doctor.

Aren’t the antacids for an upset stomach? Take a look at where the stomach is located and what is in your lower abdomen. Picture It sounds like something is going on in the intestinal system. It doesn’t take a week to digest food.

Since there isn’t any discomfort and it seems to be subsiding, I would just eat healthier and monitor it. You might also want to read through this (yeah, sorry) Wikipedia list of Borborygmus possible causes.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

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Have you tried probiotics? Can’t hurt…

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New graphic details ahead. So, I decided that clear broth would be good. So I went and had some won ton soup, and ate the broth, green onions, and bok choy. It took about thirty minutes and I had a very fluid pale brown bowel movement. Towards the end it produced a sliver of that bok choy, I note.

Anyway, I am not experiencing anywhere near as much rumbling. I still feel fine. Should I be concerned that this essentially clear liquid and greens diet I’ve got myself on will dehydrate me? Should I avoid sugar, and grab some sugar free 7up?

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I would not fast. I think fasting could have caused the latest development.

Eat bland foods for a while and drink a lot of water and gatorade to stay hydrated. If you continue to have diarrhea, see your doctor.

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Perhaps chew your food a bit more. Wonton soup, bought at a restaurant, will be really salty. Buy a free-range chicken and make your own soup.

Drink water instead of diet sodas.

Man, use your common sense.

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Ate Mexican food, problem returned but not as persistent as before. Contacting professionals. Will update

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