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Is Project Gutenberg reliable for eBooks?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7877points) August 14th, 2012

I went on Project Gutenberg and downloaded Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo. In total, the number of pages is 425. Looking at the Nook Book version of the same book, it’s more than 520 pages. Other ebooks have all had versions of the same books with over 500 pages.
Is Project Gutenberg reliable for ebooks, or is the Hunchback of Notre Dame really 500 pages and I am just missing some of the book?

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Formatting might be different—does Project Gutenberg offer a word count that you can compare?

Also check to see if other books include preface, foreword, title pags and half page, publication info page, index, postscript that the Project Gutenberg book does not.

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I use Project Gutenberg quite a bit for texts I have to read for college. The differences in page numbers is usually due to the above.

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