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Better to floss before or after you brush?

Asked by girlfriday (206points) June 30th, 2007

I've always gargle-floss-brushed. Thoughts on order?

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I always brush, floss, then mouthwash. Seemed like a logical progression to me to get the major stuff cleaned with a brush, then get in the cracks with the floss, then rinse it all out with the mouthwash.

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If you don't mouthwash, I would floss before brushing since brushing and rinsing takes care of the stuff from the floss. Otherwise, if you brush then floss, the floss stuff is left in the mouth.

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My dentist recommends floss (to break stuff loose) - brush (to clean it all up) - mouthwash (to get into any crevises you've missed)

If you mouthwash first, you're just washing the outside of the stuff you're going to floss & brush off.

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But don't use mouthwash with alcohol in it (which most have), it's bad for your gums.

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thanks. you guys are the best!

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i used to floss after brushing, until a friend put it this way: would you mop before you sweep? then i switched.

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FLOSS BEFORE YOU BRUSH!!!! get the gunk out before you do the final sweep.

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brush, floss, brush, wash

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@trystan: sure, but why? =)

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because i’m OCD. lol.
you get the shit off- brush- get the shit out- floss- clean one more time- brush- wash it all away- and don’t forget your tongue. that’s where most of your bad breath bacteria comes from.

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do you floss your teeth before or after brushing your teeth?

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I don’t floss anymore. I ended cracking a tooth because the floss got stuck. Flossing is a very expensive activity for me. Instead I use a water pik. It’s far more effective anyway.

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Flossing is more effective than using the Water Pik. Water Piks are, however, a great addition to brushing and flossing! Brush, floss, brush, then rinse with a non-alcohol based mouthrinse.

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@teeth2008 Interesting. My dentist told me the exact opposite, that a water pik would be more effective. I guess it depends on whose opinion you get.

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Daughter worked for orthodontist who advised the FBI method. Floss Brush Irrigate.

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