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Scavanging for cash?

Asked by MerMaidBlu (416points) August 14th, 2012

I need some ideas for getting cash. Some people take aluminum cans to scrap yards, some people steal parts of cars to sell to a junk yard. I’m new at not having a home or paycheck. Still have a vehicle so mobility isn’t quite an issue, however, the rising cost of fuel is…I’m looking for suggestions/ideas on how to make money without any illegal activity, while I job hunt.

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Selling aluminum cans for cash is a good place to start. Copper brings more money, but anything made out of copper is closely monitored by scrap yards. Anything made of metal can be sold. Considering the cost of gasoline, you probably should do some walking in order to find things that can be sold. Of course, I do not know where you live, & some areas are less safe to walk in than others. Also, if you have a vehicle, you need to park it some place safe so that you can be (relatively) sure that it will be there when you come back to it. You can also check out homeless shelters, they generally serve some sort of meals to the homeless. I wish you good luck in finding a job fairly quickly. You might check with various apartment complexes about cleaning apartments – frequently they will hire people on a temporary basis & will pay in cash (or at least they used to do this). Of course, up-scale apartment complexes are less likely to hire cleaning people as they mostly have a staff that does the cleaning.

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You can find perfectly good things in trash and sell them at the local flea market. My brother supported himself that way for many years. It’s called dumpster diving.

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You can sell plasma. You can also buy stuff from garage sales and sell it on eBay.

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Search on the 2009 questions from the user called ‘starbux’ to find several questions and answers about how to survive homelessness. Just put ‘starbux’ in the search box and scroll through the hits. (Don’t use the ’@’ before the username because that will just take you to the deleted user page.) That user posted a number of questions and then never came back, but they gathered some responses that you might find helpful.

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Go to yard sales late and offer to haul away unwanted goods for a small fee or free and sell them yourself to pawn shops, thrift stores, set up shop on side of road or rent spot at flea market to resale. churches offer help with food and shelter and gas vouchers , monies for medicines and even cash. let them know you are available for odd jobs too. also just about every town has a day labor employment office for temporary labor which pays you daily for office work construction road crews, restaraunt personnel, house keeping you name it… best of everything to you.

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