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What does 45k a yr equal to after taxes are taken?

Asked by Jessicam (11points) August 14th, 2012

Wondering what 45,000.00 breaks down to after taxes with 3 dependents?

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there is not near enough information to answer this question with any accuracy, but generally, without any other exemptions and without state taxes your net would be about $41,400

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Don’t forget FICA and Medicare taxes, which will drop that net some more. Specifically, by 5.6% until the current “rebate” (or whatever they’re calling it) is given up, and the total rate goes back to 7.65% (plus the employer’s matching 7.65%). And since that comes off the top (before income taxes are deducted), you’ll have to subtract $2520 from that $41,400, so your net will be around $38,880, again assuming no state or municipal income tax.

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State and city taxs ny to be exact

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Here is a website that you can play with to see pretty accurately what it all amounts to.

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My husband’s gross pay last year was over $70K, but his net ended up being about $48K. We did the math and he has about 33% of his check taken out for taxes (state and federal), Medicare, FICA, and insurance each week. And he lists 1 for allowances. Sucks – 20+ overtime hours weekly means Uncle Sam kills him in taxes. I’ve heard that, in general, if you take 25% off of your gross pay, that’s a safe bet for taxes, medicare, FICA, and maybe insurance. That would put your net pay just under $34K. But since someone else guessed a good bit higher than that, I could’ve been told wrong. Plus, with 3 dependents, you’d naturally bring home more than my husband would at the same salary. $38–41K is probably what you’re looking at.

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Tax Calculations for the Tax Year 2016/17
Gross Income: $45k
Filing Status: Single
No. Dependents: 3

Federal Tax: $2,911.25
Social Security: $2,790.00
Medicare: $652.50
Total FICA: $3,442.50

You Take Home: $38,646.25


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