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Who were your ancestors? Did you rediscover your past?

Asked by seVen (3478points) June 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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I’m actually related to Benedict Arnold.

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Hate to be a downer but my ancestors were slaves…

I did find out that someone in my family tree had 23 stillborn babies before giving birth to one healthy baby. But I think thats even more of a downer… sorry.

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I supposedly have a Swedish last name although I’m Polish. It probably is from Swede invasion on Poland.

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4ft hunter-gatherers. They eventually slothed their way to northern Europe and lost their tan in addition to most of their hair.

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My ancestry is Scandinavian (mostly Swedish) with some Scottish and a bit of English thrown in.

My wife’s ancestry is much more diverse. For instance, her grandfather was a Muslim from India and his wife, her grandmother, was a Jew from Belgium.

Our kids are pretty much mutts. :)

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One half Spanish (though you have to go back 500+ years to pre-Inquisition days to touch Spanish soil…the families emigrated to the island of Rhodes, then part of the Ottoman Empire {Turkey} subsequently ruled by Italy and currently by Greece). I have a Spanish surname.
One quarter Hungarian/Romanian (my grandmother was born in Transylvania, then part of Hungary, currently Romania but her ancestors came from both countries)
One quarter German (my Mom’s maiden name is German).
I have family trees going back about six or seven generations. Both my mother and father were born in the USA whereas their parents were all born in each respective “old country.”

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I had a Spanish great-great-grandmother, but everyone else was some kind of Brit.

When people look at me they say I am Scandinavian or German. The British Isles,
like the USA, has a lot of bloodlines crossing through it. I imagine rape had something
to do with my gene pool.

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Don’t know the specifics, but my entire home country was populated primarily by Norwegians. Also some Danish – oh and my family has a German slant in there somewhere too.

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whatthefluther- your mother’s maiden name is German? Is that like Sally American? Or Hamish Scottish?

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I’m related to Guy Fawkes . . No wonder my parents left Engalnd

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@ebenezer: Well, you got me there. I’m glad I didn’t state that my surname is Spanish or I would be whatthefluther Spanish

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scotch-irish. they moved through the appalachian mountains from north carolina and east tennessee and across the state to middle tennessee south of nashville. my dads really into genealogy and he has pictures of gravestones in ireland from the late 1600’s to early 1700’s with our last name, Fleeman on them.

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Mary, Queen of Scots is in my background.

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I’m a descendant of Arabs, Indians and Sikhs. One of my ancestors was a soldier in an Indian army who killed one of the British for killing his brother. My ancestor took the Brit out on a boating trip, slit his throat, and threw him overboard.

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@ boywonder – wow….

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