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How to hook up TV surround sound?

Asked by creepermax (348points) August 14th, 2012

My stereo only has the red and white standard RCA looking connectors. But the TV I want to have outputting into the stereo only has one green plug. How can I make the two red and white males make friends with the female green? Is there an adapter of some kind?

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You might need an adpater / cable like this.
Here it is at Radio Shack, which they call “1/8” Stereo to Dual Phono (RCA) Plug Y-cable.”

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You can’t get surround sound out of the TV. You need a AV receiver with multiple speakers and sub-woofers and HD / Blu-Ray quality input sound.
You can get “Stereo” out of a stereo TV ( two speakers and amps built into TV ) with adapter like @gasman.‘s plugged into a stereo system. This sound is lots better the speakers in the TV.
The green socket, I think, is for DVD connection, look for a white socket a “Headphone socket” and get the adapter.

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