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Could Americans be less aware of the advantages of having all of the Canadian shoppers streaming across the border and pumping money into our economy?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) August 15th, 2012

U.S. citizens along the US Canadian border are complaining about the amount of Canadian shoppers at a Costco in Washington. They are arguing for restictions on when the Canadians can shop. Do they not have a clue that they will have to make up the difference in sales tax revenue, etc? The US dollar is down versus the Canadian currency right now. Crap what a screwed up country.

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Blame it on the public education system.
Maybe they wouldn’t gripe if it was legal to by medications in Canada. Washington gets Lipitor, Canada gets big jars of peanut butter

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“Some people are just stupid.” Is a good answer to a lot of things involving humans.

Are they complaining about lines, or the actual Canadians? As if these Americans are ignorant xenophobes.

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Having never lived near a country’s border, it is difficult to imagine what they are experiencing. After reading this article, it doesn’t garner sympathy for the US complainers. It also doesn’t generate any respect for the reporter and the media source.

It’s so easy to complain about a situation that feels like it is infringing on personal rights. If it is truly the case, then why don’t they take it up with the people who are in control of making the change? If it is legal for Canadians to cross the border, purchase items, and then go home, why blame them?

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Probably most people, even otherwise sensible and intelligent people, occasionally can’t see past their own noses. In this case, people going to Costco generally have nothing else on their minds other than finding a parking spot and bulling their way through the store. (It’s always crowded when I go, and that’s just in Connecticut – maybe we have some Massachusetts folks, but not a huge stream of them.)

So anything that interferes with that short-sighted “let’s-get-this-over-with” mentality is something they want to do away with. They’re not looking at “bigger picture” here; they just want to get their shopping done, the stuff piled in the trunk of the car, and get out.

According to the story link provided by @Pied_Pfeffer, it looks like Costco has the correct response.

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Not too bright.

They should write Costco and see if the company is thinking of opening a second location. If it is that busy they probably are.

This is similar to living in South Florida all year round and complaining about all the snowbirds during the winter season. They help the tax base, all the tourism does, which is part of the reason FL enjoys no state income tax. But the crowds and traffic can get a little annoying. Still, I never heard anyone seriously say they wish the tourists or part-timers didn’t come down. We were glad for the increased business. Especially since I worked retail at the time, we were very happy for peopleto be flooding intothe stores.

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From seeing the article: they’re upset about all of the people, but they’re still ignorant for making it an American vs. Canadian issue.

Yeah, they’re so inconvenienced by having to look at Canadian plates…..

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I would think they need to pay a duty at the border? Unless, they aren’t declaring, if it is just a few things? Here is a link, what do you guys think?

I wouldn’t complain if I were them. I would just try to shop during hours that are less busy, and I would write and call customer service at Costco to evaluate better the product mix and quantities ordered for the store, they obviously are not bringing in enough of some items like milk. That artice a person complains about how horrible the Canadians are, to that I say, hahahahahaha, that’s ridiculous. I have never had a bad experience in Canada or with any Canadian.

I have to wonder the reporter just found the 3 people who would gripe the most and quoted them.

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I don’t live up north so I wouldn’t know, but while I was in South Texas there were Mexicans everywhere. People down here have a problem with Mexicans jumping the border. I don’t really care who is in this country because we were born on this Earth so we should be able to share it. As long as people pay for the government’s services (taxes) then I’m fine with anybody coming into America.
I think people are uncomfortable about having something unfamiliar just populating a place up. But their complaining isn’t going to change anything. So why do they even bother?

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I like seeing Canadian shoppers. It means more work and thus more money for me (albeit indirectly since I don’t work retail). My only complaint about Canadians is that they drive fine in Canada, but seem to completely forget how to drive once they cross the border. I think many have problems figuring out the kilometers to miles on their speedometers.

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@BBawlight How can they tell the illegals from the legals in TX? My husband’s cousin crosses the border every day, legally, because their children go to school in America. They aren’t American residents, but they are legal when they are here. And, forget about the Texans who were Mexicans until the new border was drawn. That border was very loose generations ago.

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@JLeslie They check papers. They use stereotypes (a.k.a. they profile). You can tell the difference because border-hoppers aren’t very clean from what I’ve seen. They speak Mexican (not Spanish. Mexican.) You can pretty much tell if someone has hopped the border illegally.

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